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Data Balance Transfer

The new Data Balance Transfer service allows you to transfer data from your own monthly allowance to any other Prepaid or Postpaid etisalat number according to the following terms:

  • Transfer in multiples of 100MB
  • Transferred data will have a 10-day validity
  • A transfer fee of AED 3/100MB
  • A maximum 5 transfers per month
  • Only for monthly plans with 1GB data allowance or more
    You can now transfer your unused data to your family and friends if they run out of data, anytime.

All Prepaid and Postpaid users can use the Data Balance Transfer service. For Postpaid users, you need to have been using your connection for at least 3 months before availing this service.
The Data Balance Transfer service is not offered to Visitors and Business users.


You can transfer data to any etisalat number using the three options below:

  • Via  My Etisalat UAE app
  • Dialling #100*Receiver-Number*Data-in-MB#.
    For example: Dial #100*05XXXXXXXX*1000# to transfer 1GB data to receiver number 05XXXXXXXX
  • Dial #100#


Upon successful Data Balance Transfer, both you and the receiver will receive an SMS confirmation. In case of failed transaction, you will also receive an SMS notification with the reason for failure.

The following restrictions apply to the Data Balance Transfer service:

  • Successful transactions limit: 5 per calendar month
  • Minimum data per transaction:100MB
  • Maximum data per transaction: unlimited if you are sending from a prepaid line or 5GB if you are sending from a postpaid line
  • Transfers are accepted as long as the remaining allowance doesn’t dip below 100MB in your own plan

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