50% More Data Add-ons

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can subscribe and benefit from the 50% Data addon?

Emirati Freedom plans customers on the below plans are eligible to subscribe.

Eligible Plan

Plan data allowance

Extra Data add-on allowance

Emirati Freedom 250 / 275 plans



Emirati Freedom 400 / 450 plans



Emirati Freedom 750 / 850 plans



Can I use the data internationally?

No, the 50% data allowance is only for local use.

How can I subscribe to the add-on?

1. SMS activation

  •   - New Freedom 250/275 plans: Send AC A50 to 1012
  •   - New Freedom 400/450 plans: Send AC B50 to 1012
  •   - New Freedom 750/850 plans: Send AC C50 to 1012

2. Call customer care 101

How can I check the add-on data usage?

  •   - Log on to My Etisalat UAE App
  •   - Dial *170#

You will also receive SMS notifications when you reach 80%, 90% and 100% data usage

How do I get charged for the add-on?

The add-on auto-renew every month, so if you subscribe during the month, the rental and add-on data allowance will be prorated. Starting the next bill cycle, you will receive the full add-on data allowance and will be charged the full rent on your bill.