Emirati Freedom plans

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Emirati Freedom plans?

Emirati Freedom plans are new postpaid plans designed exclusively for Emiratis. Explore our wide variety of Emirati Freedom plans with special benefits to suit your lifestyle and needs.

What benefits do I get with Emirati Freedom plans?

Here are the benefits you get with Emirati Freedom plans:

Mobile benefits:

  • The freedom to keep conversations going with unlimited local and international calls on selected plans
  • The freedom to use your minutes and data freely while roaming in GCC countries and worldwide with the Roam like Home service (both voice and data)
  • The option to upgrade your mobile or pay your bill with free Smiles welcome points (up to 200,000 points/year)
  • Get free special Metallic numbers

Lifestyle benefits:

  • Priority treatment at Etisalat stores and contact centres and on device shipping
  • Free subscription to Smiles Buy 1 Get 1 vouchers
  • Free monthly subscription to Switch TV
  • Free 100 UAE Wi-Fi hours

What is Roam like Home? How can I use it?

Roam like Home lets you use your local minutes and data abroad. With the Emirati Freedom plans, you will be able to use your minutes and data while travelling in GCC countries without paying any additional charges or subscribing to any roaming packs or add-ons.
Enjoy your travel without opt-in with Etisalat’s preferred roaming partners in over 120 countries.
To view our partners, check the roaming section on My Etisalat UAE app, dial *177# or visit etisalat.ae/preferredroamingpartners

What special treatment do I get with Emirati Freedom plan?

With Emirati Freedom plans, you will get priority treatment at all Etisalat stores and on calls made to our customer care centre.

You will also enjoy priority shipment when buying a new device from Etisalat.

How can I make unlimited calls with the new Emirati Freedom plans?

You can make unlimited calls to mobile, fixed non-premium numbers in the UAE or select international countries with the eligible Emirati Freedom plans (400 and above). Just choose a plan based on your requirements and enjoy freedom from calling limits. 

Please note that premium numbers such as charged 600 IVRs aren’t included in these plans.

Which countries are eligible for Flexi minutes/unlimited calls?

Flexi minutes/unlimited calls can be made to both local and select international countries. For the full list of eligible countries, click here.

How can I use my data while roaming with Roam like Home?

You can use your data while roaming in GCC countries without subscribing to or activating any roaming packs or add-ons. A fair usage data cap will apply on your 40GB local data at full speed. Afterwards, you will be able to use the data at 128Kbps with our eligible roaming partners.

Can you carry over data with Emirati Freedom plans?

Yes, but you can carry over your data to the next month only. Please note that a maximum of 50% of the original plan’s data can be carried over with this feature.

How many Smiles points will I get every year?

With the Emirati Freedom commitment plans, you will get a yearly bonus of 40,000 Smiles points with the 400 plan, 100,000 points with the 750 plan and 200,000 points with the 1500 plan.

How can I benefit from my Smiles points?

You can use your Smiles points in a variety of ways. You can get a yearly discount on a mobile you buy from Etisalat, pay your bills or make your hotel and airline payments on the Smiles app.

What are the free Smiles ‘Unlimited Buy 1 Get 1’ vouchers I get with Emirati Freedom plans? How can I use them?

You can get tons of discounts on shopping, dining, wellness and travel with Smiles ‘Unlimited Buy 1 Get 1’ vouchers. Simply download the ‘Smiles UAE’ mobile app, register with your mobile number and start redeeming the offers today.

How can I benefit from Switch TV ‘OnDemand Plus’ subscription?

With the Emirati Freedom plans, you’ll get a free subscription to Western OnDemand Plus pack from Switch TV worth AED 24.99/month. You can enjoy watching live TV channels along with the best OnDemand movies and shows anytime, anywhere across the UAE.

Just download www.switchtv.ae/mobileapp and sign up now. Your pack will be activated within 1 day.

How can I benefit from the 100 UAE Wi-Fi hours/month?

You can enjoy Etisalat’s public Wi-Fi at more than 350 locations including shopping malls across the UAE.

  • Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is turned on
  • Connect to ‘UAE Wi-Fi by Etisalat’
  • Follow the steps to sign up (if you are a first-time customer)

Can I move to Emirati Freedom plans if I am already a prepaid or postpaid plan customer?

If you are an existing prepaid customer, you can move to any Emirati Freedom plan of your choice. Just open My Etisalat UAE app or visit the nearest Etisalat store or call 101. 

If you are an existing postpaid customer with remaining minimum commitment period, you will need to settle the early exit charges of the current plan before you move to the new plan.

If your postpaid plan doesn’t have a minimum commitment period, you can change your plan any time using My Etisalat UAE app.

I subscribed to a commitment plan with a premium number. Can I downgrade the plan at any time during the commitment period?

No, you will not be able to downgrade or transfer your plan during the 12-month commitment period.

If I upgrade my plan to a higher Emirati Freedom plan during the commitment period, what will happen to my Smiles points?

You will get the Smiles points difference, for e.g., if you move from 750 to 1500 plan, you will be eligible for extra 100,000 Smiles points.

What happens if I exit or downgrade my contract before the expiry date?

In case you terminate the contract before the expiry date, an exit fee equal to the plan’s 1-month instalment or AED 1,000 will be applied (whichever amount is lower).

In case you consumed all or some of your Smiles points, Smiles exit fee will also be applied. The exit fee will be calculated as the full amount equivalent to the Smiles points consumed. For e.g.,

If 40,000 points were consumed, the exit fee will be AED 400 and you will be able to keep the remaining points. If you did not consume any Smiles points, no exit fee will apply and the points will be rolled back.

What will be the usage charges if I consume all of my minutes?

Calls made outside the plan will be charged according to these rates: 

Service Charges*
Call - Local: 32 fils/minute
- International: As per the standard rates on per-second basis**
SMS - Local: 19 fils/SMS
- International: 63 fils/SMS
MMS - Local: 47 fils/50KB
- International: AED 1.89/50KB
Video Call - Local: 63 fils/minute
- International: As per overseas operator rates

*5% VAT included
**Etisalat’s international calling rates

How can I check how much data and minutes I have left?

You can track your data and minutes usage by:

  • Visiting My Etisalat UAE app
  • Dialling *101#

Will I receive notifications for my data usage?

Yes, you will receive SMS notifications upon consuming 80%, 90% and 100% of your data.

How can I check my postpaid bill?

You can check your bill on My Etisalat UAE app at any time. If you’d like to view a summary of the amount due, you can dial *101# and go to ‘Account Management’. We will also send the detailed bill to your email ID every month.

What will happen when I finish my 12-month commitment plan?

You will receive reminders on SMS and My Etisalat UAE app and calls and emails from customer care before the commitment period expires so you can renew your plan and continue enjoying the discounted price.

If you don’t respond, you will be moved to a no-commitment plan with a higher instalment fee starting from the next billing cycle.

Can I cancel my Emirati Freedom subscription if I subscribed to the 12-month commitment plan?

Yes, you can cancel your Emirati Freedom subscription, but you will need to pay an early exit fee equal to the plan’s 1-month instalment or AED 1,000 (whichever amount is lower) in addition to other usage applicable charges.

Smiles exit fee will also apply if you have consumed all or some of the Smiles points.

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