Emirati Freedom Plans - Promotion

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current promotion about?

This limited duration promotion is available to new subscriptions, prepaid to postpaid migrations and port-ins on selected Emirati Freedom plans, in which customers will automatically receive the following benefits:

  1. 1- Double data on Emirati Freedom plans for the first 3 months from the date of activation
  2. 2- AED 75 off your monthly bill for 3 months with Autopay
  3. 3- Free Expo 2020 Dubai Ticket when joining an Emirati Freedom plan online

The promotional data is available on both contract and no-contract Emirati Freedom plans.

You will receive the double data as shown below:

Plan Double Data promotion (Every month for 3 months from date of activation) Free Expo 2020 Dubai Ticket (Online subscription only)
Emirati Freedom 250/275 15GB + 15GB Multi-Day Pass
Emirati Freedom 400/450 30GB + 30GB Multi-Day Pass
Emirati Freedom 750/850 50GB + 50GB Season Pass
Emirati Freedom 1500/1600 150GB + 150GB Season Pass

Can I keep the free data if I change my plan?

  • Plan upgrade: You can upgrade the plan within the same type of plan at any time and still enjoy the promotional data. For e.g., if you are subscribed to the Emirati Freedom 250 plan, you will get 15GB promotional data. If the plan is upgraded to Emirati Freedom 750, you get to keep the 15GB data.
  • Plan downgrade: If you downgrade the plan to a plan that is lower than the one you received the promotional data on, the free data will be lost. For e.g., if you get promotional data with the Emirati Freedom 400 plan and then downgrade to Emirati Freedom 250, the promotional data will no longer be available.
  • In case you switch to a different type of postpaid plan, the promotional data will be lost.

Is the promotional data prorated in the month of activation?

You will get all the promotional data upon activation. It will be renewed every month for the first three months.

Can I carry over the promotional data to the next month?

The promotional data cannot be carried over to the next month.

Can I use the data internationally?

The promotional data is available for local use only.

How can I check my data usage?

What is the bill discount offer?

If you activate Autopay on Emirati Freedom plans, you will automatically get AED 75 bill discount for 3 months (a total of AED 225).

If I subscribe through online channel, how can I get my Expo 2020 Dubai Ticket?

Upon successful online plan activation, you will receive eligibility code and instructions via SMS

If I lose my Expo code can I retrieve it?

You can send SMS short code "Expo" to 1012 and you will receive an SMS with your Voucher code info.

What is the validity of the Expo 2020 Dubai Ticket?

Multi-Day Pass will be valid for 30 days from ticket activation date.

Season Pass will be valid for 6 months (event duration).

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