Emirati Freedom Plans - Promotion

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ‘up to AED 800 value’ promotion?

If you are a new customer or a prepaid customer moving to selected Emirati Freedom plans, you will get:

  1. 50% extra data on your New Freedom plan for the first 3 months from the date of activation
  2. Discount of AED 75 on your monthly bill for 3 months when you set up Autopay

This promotional data is available on both contract and no-contract Emirati Freedom plans.

The monthly promotional data per plan is shown below:

Plan 50% Extra Data (every month for 3 months from date of activation)
Emirati Freedom 250/275 7.5GB
Emirati Freedom 400/450 15GB
Emirati Freedom 750/850 25GB
Emirati Freedom 1500/1600 75GB

How long is the promotion valid for?

This promotion is valid until 30 September 2021.

Can I keep the extra data if I change my plan?

  • Plan upgrade: You can upgrade your Emirati Freedom plan within the same type of plan and still enjoy the promotional data. For e.g., if a customer is subscribed to an Emirati Freedom 250 plan, they will get 7.5GB extra promotional data. If the plan is upgraded to an Emirati Freedom 750 plan, the 7.5GB data will remain with them.
  • Plan downgrade: If you downgrade your Emirati Freedom plan to a lower plan, the extra data will be lost. For e.g., if a customer received the promotional data on the Emirati Freedom 400 plan and they downgrade it to the Emirati Freedom 250 plan, the promotional data will no longer be available.
  • In case you switch to a different type of postpaid plan, the promotional data will be lost.

Is the promotional data prorated upon activation?

No, you will get the entire promotional data upon activation, and it will be renewed every month. Please note that the promotional data will be available in the first three months only.

Is data carry-over option available on the promotional data?

No, the extra data cannot be carried over to the next month.

Can I use the extra data internationally?

No, the extra data is available for local use only.

How can I check the data usage?

What is the bill discount offer?

If you set up Autopay on Emirati Freedom plans, you will get AED 75 bill discount for 3 months (total of AED 225).

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