New Freedom plans

Frequently Asked Questions

What are New Freedom plans?

New Freedom plans are a portfolio of postpaid plans which give you the freedom to keep any conversation going with unlimited local and international calls on select plans. You can even reach out to more people for less by committing to these plans for 12-months.

You can also enjoy exclusive benefits on data and minutes and get instant access to Smiles ‘Unlimited Buy 1 Get 1’ vouchers.

How do I make unlimited calls with the new plans?

You can make unlimited calls to mobile or fixed non-premium numbers in the UAE or selected international countries with the eligible New Freedom plans (325 and above). Just choose a plan based on your requirements and enjoy complete freedom from calling limits. For unlimited calls to one preferred country, you will be able to change the preferred country once in a month.

Please note that premium numbers such as charged 600 IVRs aren’t included in these plans.

Which countries are eligible for Flexi minutes/unlimited calls?

Flexi minutes/unlimited calls can be made to both local and selected international countries. For the full list of the eligible countries, click here

How do I select my preferred country for making unlimited calls?

Majority of international countries can be chosen as the preferred country for making unlimited calls. For the full list of the eligible countries, click here

If you are getting your plan from any of our stores, our customer service representative will help you in setting up your preferred country. If you would like to configure or update your preferred country by yourself, then you can do it free of charge by:

- Using My Etisalat UAE mobile app
- Visiting
- Sending an SMS with the command “SET Country code in 00 format” to 1012. For e.g., if you want to set India as your preferred country, send “SET 0091” to 1012. For the full list of countries and codes, click here

Please note that you can change the preferred country only once in a month.

When I call my preferred country using unlimited international calls, will Flexi minutes be deducted from my plan?

No, calls to your preferred country will not consume minutes from your Flexi minutes allowance. You will be able to use your Flexi minutes for local use and for making calls to other countries.

What is Data carry-over?

Data carry-over is a great feature on New Freedom Plans that carries over your unused data to the next month only. Please note that only a maximum of 50% of the original plan’s data can be carried over with this feature. For e.g., if you are on AED 325 plan, you can carry over up to 13.5GB data to the next month.

How can I check how much data and minutes I have used?

You can track and check your data and minutes usage by:

- Via My Etisalat UAE app
- Dialling *101#

How do I subscribe to add-ons?

Simply use any of these methods to subscribe or unsubscribe to a range of add-ons (data booster, roaming add-ons, internet calling plan and other services):

- Via My Etisalat UAE app
- By dialling *101#
- By visiting any Etisalat Business Centre or outlet
- By calling 101

How much will I be charged if I consume my entire plan allowance?

Calls made outside the plan allowance will be charged per second:

Service Charges*
Call - Local: 32 fils/minute
- International: As per the standard rates on per-second basis**
SMS - Local: 19 fils/SMS
- International: 63 fils/SMS
MMS - Local: 47 fils/50KB
- International: AED 1.89/50KB
Video Call - Local: 63 fils/minute
- International: As per overseas operator rates

*5% VAT included
**Etisalat’s international calling rates

How do I use the Smiles ‘Unlimited Buy 1 Get 1’ vouchers?

Get tons of discounts worth AED 20/month on shopping, dining, wellness and travel with Smiles ‘Unlimited Buy 1 Get 1’ vouchers. Simply download the ‘Smiles UAE’ mobile app, register with your mobile number and start redeeming the offers today.

How can I utilize the 100 Wi-Fi hours/month?

Enjoy public Wi-Fi access at more than 350 locations including shopping malls across the UAE:

- Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is turned on
- Connect to ‘UAE Wi-Fi by Etisalat’
- Follow the steps to sign up (if you are a first-time customer)

In case I have New Freedom Plan 1200/1300 with 125GB local data, how will I consume data while roaming with promotional Roam like Home access?

While roaming, fair usage data caps will apply. You will be able to use up to 40GB of your local data at full-speed and continue access at 128Kbps afterwards with our eligible roaming partners. This is a limited period promotion.

In case I have New Freedom Plan 600/700, how can I get the 2GB promotional Roaming Data per month?

If you are on New Freedom Plan 600/ 700, you will be able to opt-in for the promotional Roaming Data by sending SMS ‘AC DATAROAMING’ to 1012.
You will get 2GB of Roaming Data/Month for 12 Months on opt-in. You will also be able to purchase other Roaming Packs available (Daily, Weekly and Monthly). The 2GB promo Roaming Data will have lowest consumption priority vs other Roaming Packs.
This is a limited period promotion.

What will happen if I subscribe or move to a New Freedom plan in the middle of the month?

Your plan’s payment and your calling minutes and data benefits for that month will be prorated. However, all your unlimited calls will still be available.

Can I move to these plans if I am already enroled to a prepaid or postpaid plan?

If you are an existing prepaid customer, you can move to any New Freedom plan of your choice. Just visit your nearest Etisalat outlet or contact 101 to learn more about the required documents.

If you are an existing postpaid customer with leftover minimum commitment period, you will need to settle the early exit charges of the current plan before you move to the new plan.

If your plan doesn’t have a minimum commitment period, you can change your plan any time.

Can I move to another plan within the New Freedom plan range?

If you are an existing New Freedom plan customer, you can move to any plan within the range once in a month. In case your plan’s minimum commitment period is remaining, you will need to settle the early exit charges of the current plan before you move to the new plan.

Can I cancel my New Freedom plan subscription which comes with a 12-month commitment?

Yes, you can cancel your New Freedom plan subscription. If your plan has a minimum commitment period, you will need to pay an early exit charge equal to one month’s payment or AED 1,000 (whichever is the lowest amount) in addition to other usage charges applicable.

What will happen when I finish my 12-month commitment plan?

We will send a reminder one week and one day before the commitment period expires so you can renew it and continue enjoying the discounted plan. Otherwise, you will be moved to a no-commitment plan that is equal to the previous plan and will be charged according to the new plan.

How can I make a payment for my cancelled account if I am outside the UAE?

You can send the payment to the following Etisalat account using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT):

- Name of Beneficiary: The Emirates Telecommunication Corporation (Etisalat)
- Bank Name: First Abu Dhabi bank
- Account Number: 1850059750
- IBAN: AE910354021203106186055
- Swift Code: NBADAEAA

How can I check my postpaid bill?

Your detailed bill will be sent to you via email every month. You can also check your bill from the My Etisalat UAE app at any time. If you’d like to view a summary of the amount due, you can dial *101# and go to ‘Account Management’.

How do I activate roaming?

You can activate roaming from the My Etisalat UAE app or by dialling *177#.

How can I transfer data to another postpaid number?

You can transfer data:
- Via My Etisalat UAE app
- By dialling #100*Receiver-Number*Data-in-MB#
- For example: Dial #100*05XXXXXXXX*1000# to transfer 1GB data to the phone number 05XXXXXXXX
- By dialling #100#

How will I benefit from Switch TV ‘OnDemand Plus’ subscription?

On New Freedom 325 and above plans, you’ll get included subscription to Switch TV ‘Western OnDemand Plus’ pack worth AED 24.99/ month so you can enjoy watching live TV channels along with the best OnDemand movies and shows anytime, anywhere across the UAE.

Just download and sign-up – within 1 day your pack will be activated.

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