Premium Postpaid Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Premium Postpaid plans?

The Premium Postpaid plans are designed for those who are looking to be different; they own their own desired special mobile numbers that complement their lifestyles and ambitions.


Local data

Local minutes

Number type

Price (AED)*

Premium Postpaid Local 500





Premium Postpaid Flexi 500





Premium Postpaid Local 1000





Premium Postpaid Flexi 1000





*5% VAT excluded

Note: All plans above are on 24-month contracts and include 30 free Wi-Fi hours.

Who is eligible for the Premium Postpaid plan?

Any user can subscribe to the Premium Postpaid plan but only with a new premium number.

Which countries are excluded from the flexi minutes plans?

For the list of countries included in the flexible minutes, click here .

I like the plans but I need more benefits. Can I subscribe to the add-ons?

Yes, you can use any of the New Postpaid add-ons.

Will I be charged on a per-second basis?

Local and International minutes are calculated on a per-minute basis

It is the end of the month and I still have balance for my minutes allowance. Can it be carried over to the next month?

Balance in-bundle minutes can be carried forward to the next month.
(Note: Carried over minutes is valid for one month only, so it cannot be carried over again to another month)

If I am an existing postpaid or prepaid user, can I migrate to the Premium Postpaid Plan?


What are the usage rates for the Premium Postpaid plan?

The normal usage rates apply but on a per second basis after you’ve consumed all the bundled benefits.

  • 0.5 fils/sec for local calls for 12 months plans
  • 18 fils for national SMSs
  • 60 fils for international SMSs
  • AED 1/MB for data usage
  • Standard International rates apply on per second basis

Can I use the available free data while roaming?

All plans offer local data usage only.

What happens if I wish to transfer the line to another person during the contract period?

Transfer of ownership is not allowed during the contract period.

What happens if I wish to cancel my contract during the contract period?

If you wish to cancel the contract, an exit charge of 1 month's rental will apply, and your premium number will be deactivated.

Can I migrate my line to normal postpaid or prepaid?

During the contract period, migration to normal postpaid or prepaid is not allowed.

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