4-Digit Security PIN

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 4-digit PIN mandatory?

Although the 4-digit PIN is not mandatory, we strongly recommend that you set up one to strengthen your account privacy and ease your authentication process whenever you call 101. For customers without a PIN, a set of questions will be asked by our service representatives to authenticate the caller, as is the ongoing practice.

How do I select my PIN?

When calling 101, customers who don’t have a PIN will be invited to set up one of their choice. The PIN will be selected for the account number the customer is calling from. To create a PIN for an account number, you will need to call from that number. Each time you create a PIN, a confirmation SMS will be sent to the specific mobile number and your registered e-Bill email address.

How can I use my PIN and where?

On all your calls to 101, you will be prompted to enter a 4-digit PIN. Once done, our system will validate your PIN and route you to one of our 101 service representatives.

What if I forget my PIN?

You will be prompted twice to enter your 4-digit PIN; in case of a wrong entry or if you’ve simply forgotten it, you will be routed to one of our 101 service representatives who will help you reset the PIN.

What if I have multiple accounts? Can I only have one PIN for all of them?

Each account will need a PIN; you can decide to select the same PIN for all of them or have different PINs. Some users may have a PIN for their personal mobile account and a different one for their eLife account that they can share with their household. It is up to you to decide.

Can I share my PIN?

Your PIN is private; we strongly recommend you do not share your PIN unless you want to authorise someone from your household to have access to your Etisalat account through 101.

Does my PIN have an expiry date?

The 4-digit PIN will not have an expiry date, however, as a security measure, a new PIN will be required in case of an account ownership transfer or a SIM replacement request. We do however recommend as a good practice to periodically change your PIN as an additional safety precaution.

How can I change my PIN?

You can always change your PIN on your own in one of the following ways:

• Via My Etisalat UAE app
• By texting “Cpin<space><Account Number without country code format><space><Old PIN><space><New PIN>" to 1012
• By dialling 101

You will be required to provide your existing PIN. Each time you do so, a confirmation SMS will be sent to the specific mobile number and your registered eBill email address.

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