Combo Packs

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Monthly Combo packs?

The Monthly Combo Packs are comprehensive packs containing voice minutes and data that serve the needs of light, medium and high-end users. Wasel Prepaid users can choose the package that suits them the best and save on their monthly spends.



Flexi Minutes

Monthly rental (AED)*

Subscription code to 1012

Cancellation code to 1012


Monthly Combo 35







Monthly Combo 50






Monthly Combo 100





C COM100

Monthly Combo 150





C COM150

Monthly Combo 200





C COM200

*5% VAT excluded

Note: Flexi minutes are applicable for local and international calls. International calls are applicable for 100 countries. Any additional minutes will be charged at regular rates.

How can I activate the Monthly Combo packs?

To activate them, just dial *170*6# and choose Combos. Once activated, you’ll receive a confirmation SMS.

What’s the duration of the subscription and validity period of the pack?

Once activated, you’ll enjoy the plan benefits for 30 days. The plan will be automatically renewed every month.

Can I deactivate the pack?

You can deactivate your Monthly Combo pack anytime by dialling *170*6# and choosing Combos. The remaining allowances will remain valid until their expiry time.

How many packs can be purchased per day?

You can activate as many packs as you wish. Each pack will have its own allowance as well as validity period. If you use all your included allowance before the end of the validity period, the remaining usage will be charged as per your recharge type/current tariff plan unless you purchase a new pack.

Can I still enjoy my current prepaid tariff plan?

Yes, you can continue to benefit from your existing tariff. All your flexi minutes, data and social data usage will first be consumed from your monthly combo pack’s allowance. Any usage beyond that will be consumed as per standard rates from your International Plus Balance, followed by your Credit Plus Balance, followed by your Main Account balance as per your existing tariff plan rate.

What happens if I don’t use all my units within the 30 days?

Any unused minutes or data allowance will automatically expire and can’t be carried over.

How can I find out my remaining balance?

After each call, you’ll receive an SMS containing details of your remaining minutes. For data, you’ll receive an SMS once you’ve used all your allowance. You can also check your remaining balance at any time by dialling *170*6#, and choosing Combo Balance.

Can I use the Monthly Combo packs on my BlackBerry?

If you are a Blackberry user, you can use the flexi minutes as usual. However, to get the benefit of the data allowance, you need to have a BB10 or newer operating system.

Which countries are included in the Monthly Combo Packs?

You can call 100 countries with the International Minutes packs.

What happens if I don’t have enough balance in my account?

You will have to recharge your Wasel Prepaid account.

How many data units will I get for my package allowance?

Etisalat follows uniform data allowance configuration across its packages, and your data units will be based on the below conversion: 1GB = 1000MB; 1MB = 1000KB; 1KB = 1024Bytes.

How will my data units be consumed from the package and Pay-as-You-Go Usage?

Data consumed from a data package will be deducted at 30KB increments, whereas Pay-as-You-Go data usages will be rated at 1KB pulses.

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