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International Calling

The etisalat International Calling Offer is an optional subscription offer which any Wasel mobile user can opt in to. Upon successful opt-in, you will benefit from special per second International calling rates as per the details below


Main countries

Rate/min (AED)*

List A



List B

India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Roshan Afghanistan** and etisalat Afghanistan***


List C

Egypt, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Iran and other networks in Afghanistan


List D

Nigeria, Philippines, Palestine and Jordan


List E

Lebanon, GCC, USA, UK and more


List F

​Iraq, Libya, Morocco, Turkey, Ethiopia, Syria and more


*5% VAT included

**Promotional rates for Nepal
***Promotional rates for Roshan Afghanistan & etisalat Afghanistan

Click here for the full list of countries and rates

No, there's no call set-up fee and there are no additional charges. The rates are charged on a flat, per second basis.

  • This service offers great savings on International calls
  • There are no extra charges such as call set-up fee
  • You can enjoy a flat per second rate
  • You can make a call any time of the day or week

You can subscribe to this tariff plan by dialling *135*70#
Once you have successfully opted-in, you will receive an SMS from etisalat confirming the same. The benefits of this offer will be applicable for all calls made after this confirmation SMS have been received.

If you have already subscribed to the International Calling offer, you would have to call any Nepal number and enjoy the special discounted rates of 32 fils/min (5% VAT included).

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