Play on Demand

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new Play on Demand service for Prepaid and Postpaid users?

Play on Demand offers you unlimited data access at up to 3Mbps speed, optimised for HD video streaming, at a pocket friendly rate of just 5 fils/min (5% VAT included), anytime and anywhere.

How does the charging work in Play on Demand service?

A minimum session charge for 15 minutes of usage will apply upon starting a data session, following which your charging will continue on a per minute basis.

Example: If you use Play on Demand for 19min 14 secs, you’ll be charged for 20min at 5 fils/min, which brings the total to 100 fils. fils.

Note: A minimum prepaid balance, or remaining postpaid bill limit of 75 fils is required to initiate a Play on Demand session to cover for the minimum session charge.

How much data will I use with the Play on Demand service?

The Play on Demand service has no volume limit on usage, so there is no need to worry about how much data is consumed during any session.

What kind of data speed will I get with Play on Demand?

Data speed will be limited to 3Mbps during any session. This is more than adequate for streaming up to 720p Standard HD videos.

How can I manage my Play on Demand sessions?

You may Start, or Stop Play on demand whenever you need via either of the below options:

  • Dialling *800# and following the menu
  • Toggling the video access On/Off from My Etisalat UAE app

Can I use Play on Demand service with other Data and Combo Packages?

You can use Play on Demand service on top of any regular data or combo package – your time-based unlimited usage will not be counted from your other plan allowances.

However, you will not be able to use Play on Demand and the regular Start/Stop Data service in parallel – only one time-based access may be used at a time.

How long does a single Play on Demand session last?

The maximum allowed limit for a Play on Demand session is 4 hours, after which you will be disconnected and would have to initiate a new session.

How can I monitor my usage time on the Play on Demand service?

  • Dialling *800# 
  • Via My Etisalat UAE app
  • Via SMS notifications which will be sent every 2 hours

What will happen after I end my Play on Demand session?

You will be protected from Pay-as-You-Go charges for the following 2 hours. This means that further data usage will be consumed from other available data subscriptions (if available), or be blocked for 2 hours.

Can I use the Play on Demand service multiple times in a day?

There is no limit to the number of Play on Demand session in a single day. Nevertheless, the minimum session charge will apply for every new session.

Can I share my data with others while using the Play on Demand service?

You will not be able to share your data access with other devices or users while using Play on Demand.

Can I use the Play on Demand service on my BlackBerry?

If you have BlackBerry 10 operating system, or later, you will be able to enjoy the Play on Demand service. Users of older BlackBerry operating systems would not be eligible for this service.

Can I use the Play on Demand service on my Data SIM?

Yes, Play on Demand will work on Data SIMs.

Can I use the Play on Demand service while roaming?

No, Play on Demand service works for local data usage only.

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