Start/Stop Data

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new Start/Stop Data service for prepaid users?

Start/Stop Data service gives you the option to use mobile data for short periods, as and when needed, where you can use as much data as you want and pay only for the time you use at a very affordable rate.




Time-based data access

2 fils/minute

Limited to 1Mbps

Minimum access charge of 30 fils applies for the first 15 minutes of usage.

How does the charging work in Start/Stop Data service?

After you “Start” a data session, you will be immediately charged for 15 minutes of usage (minimum session). Following that, the charges will continue on a per-minute basis.

For example, if you use Start/Stop Data for 21 mins, 14 secs, you’ll be charged for 22 mins at 2 fils/minute, i.e. 44 fils.

Do note that a minimum prepaid balance of 30 fils is required to cover for the minimum access charge and initiate a Start/Stop Data session.

How much data can I use with the Start/Stop Data service?

The Start/Stop Data service has no limit on usage, so there is no need to worry about how much data is consumed during any session.

What kind of data speed will I get with the Start/Stop Data service?

Data speed will be limited to 1Mbps during any Start/Stop Data session. This is more than adequate for accessing any mobile-optimised site, uploading/downloading rich content or streaming videos.

How can I manage my Start/Stop Data sessions?

You can Start/Stop/Check your data sessions by dialing *777#

  • Dial *777*1# to START
  • Dial *777*2# to STOP
  • Dial *777*3# to CHECK

Can I use the Start/Stop Data service with other data packs and plans?

Yes, you can use the Start/Stop Data service even if you have existing daily or weekly data subscriptions. You can opt to pay by the minute and save your other data allowances as data usage on Start/Stop will have the highest priority over all other data offers.

You will, however, not be able to use the service if there's remaining allowance in any of your monthly data subscriptions.

How long is a single session on the Start/Stop Data service?

The maximum allowed limit for any Start/Stop Data session is 4 hours, after which you will be disconnected and will have to initiate a new session.

How can I monitor my usage time on the Start/Stop Data service?

You can dial *777*3# anytime to know the status of your Start/Stop Data session (active or inactive). Additionally, SMS notifications will also be sent every 2 hours to help you better track your data access time.

What happens after I “Stop” my Start/Stop Data session?

You will be protected from paying charges for 2 hours after you “Stop” your data session. This means that for the following 2 hours, your data usage will be consumed from your other available data subscriptions (if available), or be simply blocked.

Can I use the Start/Stop Data service multiple times in a day?

The Start/Stop Data service has no limit on the number of sessions you can have in a day. However, the minimum access charge will apply for every new session.

Can I share my data with others while using the Start/Stop Data service?

You will not be able to share your data access with other devices or users while within a Start/Stop Data session.

Can I use the Start/Stop Data service on my BlackBerry?

You can enjoy the Start/Stop Data service if your device runs on the BB10 operating system or newer.

Can I use the Start/Stop Data service on my Data SIM?

The Start/Stop Data service will not work on Data SIMs.

Can I use the Start/Stop Data service while on roaming?

The Start/Stop Data service is for local usage only.

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