Wasel Premium Number

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should buy the Wasel Premium Number?

This plan is ideal for anyone who is interested in getting a special number without any commitment or monthly rental.

What are the benefits that come with a Wasel Premium Number?

With a one-time fee of AED 1000*, you get:

  • A choice of your own exclusive premium number
  • Free 3GB data every month for 6 months
  • Free Wasel Prepaid Line

*Note: 5% VAT excluded

How can I get a Wasel Premium Number?

You can visit select etisalat outlets to choose and buy your own Wasel Premium Number.

Can I carry forward the unused data from the 3GB data pack?

No, the free 3GB data is only valid for 30 days from the date of credit and will be renewed every 30 days until the 6th month. However, any unused data for the month will expire.

What happens after the 6 months of free data is over?

In order to continue enjoying mobile data on your line, you need to subscribe to one of the mobile data plans.

What happens if I decide to transfer the ownership of my line?

In case you transfer the ownership of your line, the free 3GB data benefit will be discontinued.

Is my line with a Wasel Premium Number valid for a lifetime?

As long as you keep making calls or sending messages, your line has lifetime validity. In case you do not use your line for 3 consecutive months, you would be charged AED 10 per quarter (once in 3 months) to remain in lifetime validity.

In case you do not have a balance of AED 10, your line will be moved to a time-based validity, in which you would have another 6 months to start using your line. If no usage is observed during this 6-month period, service will be temporarily withdrawn for a period of 3 months, and subsequently deactivated.

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