Wasel Prepaid Line

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wasel?

You can rely on instant connectivity on-the-go, unrivalled network coverage, more value for money and complete control over your spending with a Wasel Prepaid Line.

  • All local and international calls are charged on a per-second pulse
  • Feel secure with Prepaid Line lifetime validity
  • Enjoy instant connectivity with the fastest and widest network coverage

Can Wasel users dial emergency numbers? Is there a charge for this?

Wasel users can dial emergency numbers 998, 999 and 997 and obtain prompt assistance. No charge is applicable for calls made to these numbers.

How long can I keep my prepaid number if I don’t use the line?

To keep your free lifetime validity, simply continue using your line by recharging, making and receiving calls, or even sending SMSs.
In case you stop using your line, it will be retained for 12 months. During this period, you can revive your lifetime validity again by making any recharge or call, as per these rules.

Does Wasel have an International Roaming facility?

Yes, the Wasel International Roaming service allows users to make and receive calls while they are roaming internationally. For details related to tariffs and offers, click here

Do I need to recharge my Wasel subscription before leaving the country?

Yes. We recommend that your Wasel subscription is recharged prior to leaving the country and sufficient credit is available in your account to ensure that you receive incoming calls while roaming.

How can I recharge my Wasel subscription while roaming abroad?

You can use any standard telephone in the country where you are roaming to recharge your Wasel subscription. Simply dial +9714004120 and you will be prompted to enter your Wasel number and the etisalat Prepaid Card Number.

How can I check the available balance on my Wasel service from abroad?

You can check the available credit balance on your Wasel service by simply dialling +9714004121 from any standard telephone available in the country where you are roaming and following the voice instructions.

Are the numbers 009714004120 and 009714004121 chargeable?

Yes. Both these numbers are charged as per IDD rates.

Can Wasel users receive incoming calls while roaming internationally?


Can Wasel users make outgoing calls while roaming internationally?

No. Currently this facility is not available.

Are there any charges for subscription to the Wasel International Roaming Service?

The Wasel International Roaming Service has no deposit, connection, quarterly rental or activation charges. When you receive a call while roaming, your caller (from the UAE or elsewhere) will pay the call charges for a call to the etisalat network and the user pays charges for the international rerouting of the call from the UAE to the country where you receive the call.
An extra roaming surcharge is also applicable by that country and this could vary from 10% to 25%. Incoming Roaming Call Charges are as per the existing charges for normal GSM Roaming.

Can Wasel users receive SMSs while roaming?

Yes. Wasel users can receive SMSs while roaming for free

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