Frequently Asked Questions

What is WaselGo?

WaselGo is an all-new prepaid line which comes with unique features like rollover of unused data and flexi minutes, up to 3 favourite numbers, as well as flexible weekly plans.

The standard benefits of WaselGo include:

  • Per-second pulse for all calls
  • Lifetime validity of the prepaid line
  • Same base rates for calls, SMSs and Pay-as-You-Go data as Wasel

Additionally, you also get:

  • Weekly plans with rollover of unused data and flexi minutes
  • Up to 3 favourite local numbers (at least 1 Etisalat number)

How can I buy a new WaselGo Line?

Simply visit any Etisalat Business Centre, outlet or Etisalat authorised reseller with your necessary documents.

I am an existing Prepaid customer – how can I move to WaselGo?

To move to WaselGo from your existing Prepaid line, simply log in to the My Etisalat UAE app or dial *101*15#.

Your remaining Wasel allowances will be kept till end of validity without any further renewal, and any remaining balance or reserve credit outstanding will be carried forward to the new tariff.

I am an existing Postpaid/Control Line customer – how can I move to WaselGo?

To move to WaselGo from your existing Postpaid/Control Line, simply visit any Etisalat Business Centre.

Can I enjoy other Prepaid services/packages after moving to WaselGo?

Existing Wasel Voice, Data and Combo offers will not available to WaselGo customers other than the eligible services mentioned below:

  • International Calling Offer
  • Start/Stop Data
  • Play on Demand
  • Super Hour Data Access
  • Internet Calling Plan
  • Reserve Credit
  • Value added services

How can I recharge my WaselGo line?

You may use all available modes to recharge your WaselGo prepaid line.

Will I be charged for using data after my allocated data is consumed?

No. If you consume your allocated data before the plan expires, you will be protected by default and data access will be blocked.

Can I share my data allowance with other users?

No. You will not be able to share your data (regular + rollover allowance) with other devices or users while on a Weekly Plan.

Can I choose an international number as my favourite number?

No. Favourite numbers can only be local Etisalat mobile numbers or other local mobile numbers based on the chosen Weekly Plan.

Can I use the favourite number minutes for Call Forwarding?

No. Favourite number minutes will not work for Call Forwarding scenarios.

Will my favourite number minutes be rolled over?

No. There will be no rollover of included minutes to favourite numbers.

How long can I keep my prepaid number if I don’t use the line?

To keep your free lifetime validity, simply continue using your line by recharging, making and receiving calls, or even sending SMSs. In case you stop using your line, it will be retained for 12 months. During this period, you can revive your lifetime validity again by making any recharge or call, as per these rules.

Can I use WaselGo line while on international roaming?

Yes. WaselGo customers can make and receive calls, or use data while they are roaming internationally. For details related to tariffs and offers, click here.

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