Mobile Incoming Voice Roaming Packs

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Voice Roaming packs offered by etisalat and their benefits?

Etisalat offers a wide range of incoming voice roaming packs giving you a unique saving plan to receive calls for as low as AED 0.5/min.

Pack name

Pack fee (AED)

Rate per min (within pack)


Weekly 25min



7 days from the first terminated call abroad

Weekly 100min



Monthly 500min


50 fils

30 days from the first terminated call abroad

Where can we use the pack?

The pack covers all travel destinations (almost 700 roaming partners in more than 200 countries); excluding satellite, maritime and in-flight operators. Please click here to view the list of all etisalat roaming partners and the availability of roaming services.

What is the eligibility for subscription?

All etisalat postpaid and prepaid user (both consumer and business) are eligible.

Do I need to have roaming service activated?

Yes. Postpaid users should have full roaming or special roaming service enabled prior to subscription. Prepaid users have to have enough balance to cover the pack fee prior to subscription.

How do I purchase etisalat's Incoming Voice Roaming Pack?

It's simple to purchase the voice packs. You can use any of the following 3 methods:

  • Text the code to 1010 from the UAE or abroad:

Incoming Voice Roaming Pack

SMS Purchase Code

Weekly 25min


Weekly 100min


Monthly 500min


  • Dial *177# (from the UAE or abroad)
  • Call our contact centre or visit any of your nearest etisalat Business Centres or outlets

How can I check my pack status?

You can always inquire about usage/pack via dialling *177#.

Also, an SMS will be sent to you in case of:

  • Consuming 100% of pack allowance before time expiry
  • Time expiry before consuming the full allowance

Can I purchase the pack before travelling?

Yes, we advise you to do so.

The pack validity starts only from the first terminated call received abroad as below:

  • Weekly voice pack: Valid form the first terminated call abroad for the following 7 days
  • Monthly voice pack: Valid form the first terminated call abroad for the following 30 days

Can I cancel the pack after purchasing?

No. It is not possible to cancel the pack, as it is a one-time subscription based pack.

Can I buy more than one voice pack at the same time?

No. It is not possible to have the same pack subscribed more than once at the same time. You can repurchase the same pack after the old one expires.

Can I repurchase Voice Roaming Packs?

You can repurchase them once:

  • The pack has expired due to time validity (day/week) or
  • The consumption of incoming voice allowance has happened before the time validity (day/week)

How can I view and purchase any other roaming pack?

By dialling *177# or texting ROAME (for English) or ROAMA (for Arabic) to 1010 to receive an SMS with purchase codes. For detailed information, please visit

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