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Monthly Roaming Packs

Yes, you will automatically receive the benefits without any extra charge.

New purchases of the monthly roaming packs will receive the standard allowance (available prior to this promotion). However, if the pack is valid or is currently being used, you can still enjoy the offer allowances until the pack is fully consumed or has expired (whichever comes first).

When you subscribe to this pack, the charge will apply upon the first usage in eligible countries (not upon subscription).

Please see the below table as a quick guide for your pack usability:

Monthly Combo Pack

You should connect to

Countries you can call


Preferred roaming partners


Outgoing voice

Preferred roaming partners

UAE + preferred countries*, (excluding satellite, maritime, flight and premium numbers)

Incoming voice

Any operator globally excluding SITA on-air in-flight, satellite and maritime operators


*A preferred country is a destination with at least 1 preferred roaming partner

The call will proceed but it will be charged as per standard roaming rates. We advise you to check the destination you are calling to avoid extra roaming charges.

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