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Roaming Callback App

Etisalat introduced a callback service allowing you to make calls while roaming at a special flat rate of AED 3/min using a USSD string to convert the outgoing to an incoming call. With this service, we offer price discount of up to 77% on charges of outgoing direct roaming calls.

With the new Roaming Callback app, you can initiate a callback to any number within the visited country, the UAE or other countries without the need to manually dial the USSD callback code every time you make a call.

The number called can be within the UAE, the visited country or any other international number (excluding satellite, maritime and premium numbers).

However, video calls are not supported.

No opt-in/activation is required. Flat rate is offered by default to all postpaid and prepaid users, consumers and business.

You can make an outgoing roaming call at this special flat rate through callback service by dialing *145*00(CountryCode)(PhoneNumber)# and then pressing the call button.

You can also use either “+” or “00” e.g. If you are roaming in the UK, dial *145*009715XXXXXXXX# (to call an etisalat number) or *145*0096611YYYYYYY# (to call a landline in KSA– Riyadh).


For the list of roaming partners and availability of roaming services, please visit www.etisalat.ae/roaminglist and refer to callback-eligible service.

Please note that the Roaming Callback service code *145* could be blocked by some of the operators or used for their local services.


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