Weekly Roaming Combo Pack

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be charged for subscribing to this pack?

When you subscribe to this pack, the charge will be applied immediately but validity starts upon the first applicable usage in eligible countries (not upon purchase).

Where and how will I be able to use the pack?

See below table as a quick guide for your pack usability:

Weekly Combo Pack

You should connect to

Countries you can call


Preferred roaming partners


Outgoing voice

Preferred roaming partners

UAE + preferred countries*, excluding satellite, maritime and premium numbers

Incoming voice

Any operator globally, excluding satellite and maritime operators


*A preferred country is a destination with at least 1 preferred roaming partner

What happens if I call a non-preferred country/destination?

The call will proceed but it will be charged as per standard roaming rates. We advise you to check the destination you are calling to avoid extra roaming charges.

Can I cancel (or unsubscribe) the pack after purchasing?

No. Cancellation of any one-time pack is not possible.

Can I purchase more than one pack or different types of packs? What is the priority?

Yes, you can simultaneously purchase roaming packages whether they are similar or different packs.
However, allowances and validity periods are not cumulative. Usage priority shall be on the higher value.

For example, if you combine the Daily Combo Pack and the Weekly Combo Pack, the following will happen:

  • When you start a valid roaming usage (whether voice or data), it is consumed first from the Weekly Combo Pack
  • Once data is fully-consumed (but pack is still valid with voice allowances), succeeding data usage will activate the Daily Combo Pack
  • When you make valid outgoing calls or receive incoming calls, it will consume from the Weekly Combo Pack

Will the Roaming Callback service be part of this voice pack allowance?

No. The Roaming Callback service will be charged separately as per its standard rate.

How many data units will I get for my package allowance?

Etisalat follows uniform data allowance configuration across its packages, and your data units will be based on the below conversion: 1GB = 1000MB; 1MB = 1000KB; 1KB = 1024Bytes.

How will my data units be consumed from the package, and Pay-as-You-Go usage?

When consuming data from a roaming data package, or at a Pay-as-You-Go rate, your allowance will be deducted on the basis of 30KB increments. Only in Lebanon, your Pay-as-You-Go roaming data usage without any package, will be rated on a 10KB pulse.

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