What is the standard rate of local calls?

Local calls rates is 0.38/min (VAT inclusive)

What is the standard rate of local and international SMSs?

The standard rates are: (VAT inclusive)

  • For Local SMS: AED 0.19 /SMS
  • For International SMS: AED 0. 63/SMS

I purchased a New Wasel line 15 days ago. I am not able to transfer credit to my friend. What should I do?

If you have recently got a New Wasel or migrated from postpaid to prepaid, you will not be able to use the Balance Transfer service for the first 30 days of the activation date.

How can I check my usage?

You can use the below USSD commands to check your usage:

  • Initial Benefit (AED 1): Dial *121*241#
  • Main Balance: Dial *121#

How will I be charged for my voice calls?

Charging pulse for the voice call bundles will be in per minute basis.

Can I use my number to transfer credit to a friend?

Visitor Packs are not eligible to transfer credit. However, New Visitor Line can receive credit from any Etisalat line.

I have consumed the benefits. What can I do to use the line?

After bundle consumption, you can recharge the line using any of the recharge methods. Pay-As-You-Go charges apply.


Total Price + VAT (AED)









Standard Prepaid  International Call Rates





How can I recharge the line?

You can use any of the below recharge methods:

I misplaced my SIM card. How much does it cost me to replace it?

SIM card replacement charge is AED 52.50 (VAT inclusive). It can be done from the Etisalat stores only.

I have balance of 50 AED in my Visitor line. Will I still have it after migration?

Main balance that can be migrated is limited to AED 100.

What does Social Data mean?

Social data can be one of 2 types:

Normal Social Data: 

It can be used to access Facebook (Website, Application & Messenger), WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter & BBM. 

Social Plus:

It can be used to access Facebook (Website, Application & Messenger), WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, WeChat, & LinkedIn. 

I subscribed to One Time Pack and then I realized that I do not have enough balance. Should I subscribe again or only avail sufficient balance?

If you do not have enough balance, the unfulfilled request will be parked for 7 days. Once you avail within the 7 days, the subscription shall take a place. Only one parked subscription is allowed at a time. Therefore, in case of multiple failed attempts, only the latest one is kept.

I mistakenly canceled my Pack/Plan. Does this mean that I lost my benefits?

Upon cancellation, benefits will remain available until data is completely used or Validity expires except for Social data, benefits will be removed immediately along with any unused allowance upon Cancellation.

It is the end of the month and I still have allowance of my auto-renewal plan. Will it be carried over to the next month?

How to check my usage?

Dial *101#,*170#, or use Etisalat UAE Mobile App.

What are the monthly benefits & charges?

Basic Bundles

Control Line 80
(Flexible Minutes)

Control Line 80
(Local Minutes)


Minutes Allowance



Data Allowance


Promotional Data (For a Limited Time only)


Monthly Rental (VAT inclusive)

AED 80

Is there any restriction on the flexi minutes?

Flexible Minutes can be used for Local & International calls only.

Does it work on per second basis?

No. In-bundle minutes are charged on a Per-minute basis.

The 100 Local minutes are not enough for me. What are my options to get more benefits?

You can recharge via prepaid cards to use the recharged amount to subscribe to the designated Control Line Add-Ons or you can use recharged balance on a PAYG basis after total consumption of basic allowances.

What are the Add-Ons that I can use?


(VAT Inclusive)

Subscription SMS

200 Local Minutes

AED 55
(Per each)



150 Flexible Minutes *


100 International Minutes


1GB Data


Send SMS to 1012 for free to subscribe.  

Will the Add-Ons charges be added to my bill?

No. Your bill cannot exceed the AED 80. You need to recharge your line with sufficient balance in order to avail the Add-Ons.

How I will be charged after consuming my benefits and start using PAYG?



Minute Rate (VAT inclusive)

Local Calls

38 fills

India, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh & Nepal

38 fills

International Zone 1

AED 1.05

International Zone 2

AED 2.1

Rest of the World

Per Country Rate 

Local Data

AED 1.05/MB

It is the end of the month. I still have 20 Local minutes; will it be carried over to the next month?

No carryover of unused benefits, it renews every first of the month.

What is the consumption priority of the benefits?

Priority of consumption will be first for the add-on then basic bundle allowance.

Can I call special numbers using my bundle minutes?

No, special numbers cannot be called using bundle allowance.

What happens if I call a non-preferred country/destination?

The call will proceed but will be charged as per standard roaming rates. We advise you to be aware of the destination you are calling to avoid extra roaming charges.

How can I explore the benefit/prices of the roaming packages and the standard rates of roaming service?

Simply dial *177# to explore and subscribe to all options related to roaming.

In addition, you can use the below subscription cancellation channels:

  • Dial *101#.
  • Use My Etisalat UAE App or Smiles App/Portal.
  • Visit website http://roam.etisalat.ae (When outside).

How can I check usage of my roaming services?

You can either:

  • Dial *177# or *101#.
  • Use My Etisalat UAE App.

Will I be notified about my usage?

You will be notified via SMS once consuming 50%, 100% & before expiry time.

I am located at Yemen. I am trying to use the service but it is not working. Why?

Unfortunately, the roaming Service is currently not working in Yemen Due to current situation.

I received an SMS while I was roaming. How much I will be charged?

Receiving SMS is free while roaming.

I have a prepaid line. Can I dial Satellite, Flight or Premium numbers while roaming?

No. It is blocked for prepaid, but it is allowed for postpaid and it will be charged according to roaming partners’ charges

I am roaming and I need to recharge my prepaid account. How can I do it?

You can use My Etisalat UAE App, related banking app, recharge voucher through USSD or ask a friend in UAE to top up.

How will the units be deducted while roaming from packages or as PAYG?

Etisalat follows uniformed data allowance configuration across its packages; units’ calculation is based on the following conversion:

  • 1 GB = 1,000 MB.
  • 1 MB = 1,000 KB.
  • 1 KB = 1,024 Bytes.

Consuming data from a roaming data package or at a pay-as-you-go basis rates:

  • Allowance will be deducted on a 30 KB increments basis.
  • In Lebanon, customers’ pay-as-you-go roaming data usage (Without any package) will be rated on a 10 KB pulse.

Is there any commitment for subscribing to any of the roaming packages?

3 months commitment applies only on the Global Data Plan. If you wish to cancel before the 3 months, exit charge of Monthly Rental x Remaining Months applies.

Does the package validity start once I subscribe? In other words, if I subscribed to Daily Data Pack, when the 24 hours validity starts?

Validity starts from the first access/usage in roaming networks.

I have Hajj and Omra pack and it is still valid but I left Saudi Arabia. Can I still use it?

Hajj and Omra pack is available only in Saudi Arabia (KSA) on any network.

I have a postpaid plan with Flexi minutes and I get a roaming Voice Package that includes incoming minutes. What is the priority of consumption?

Incoming Roaming Minutes will be consumed first before Flexi add-ons.

I need to send an SMS to 1010. What is the charge?

SMS to 1010 costs 32fils if sender is inside UAE.

In case of roaming, it will be charges as per the standard SMS charge. 

Can I buy more than one voice pack at the same time?

  • Yes, you can simultaneously purchase roaming packages whether similar packs or different packs. However, allowances and validity periods are not cumulative. Usage priority shall be on the higher value.
Example: Daily Combo Pack + Economy Class Pack
  • When you start a valid roaming usage (whether voice or data), it is consumed first from the Economy Class Pack.
  • Once data is fully-consumed (but pack is still valid with voice allowances), succeeding data usage will activate the Daily Combo Pack 
  • When you make valid outgoing calls or receive incoming calls, it will consume from the Economy Class Pack.
  • Multiple subscriptions are not allowed for incoming voice roaming packs & global data plan.

What is Roaming Call Back service?

It is a service that enables you to make outgoing calls from abroad with flat rate of AED 3/Min using the below methods:

  • Dialing *145*00<phone number with international code>#, then press Call.
  • Downloading the Roaming Call Back App

Can I enjoy this Roaming Call Back service anywhere?

The Roaming Callback service is offered by Etisalat across 188 countries through more than 600 partner networks.

For the list of roaming partners and availability of roaming services, please visit www.etisalat.ae/roaminglist.

Please note that the Roaming Callback service code *145* could be blocked by some of the operators or used for their local services.

Using Roaming Call back service, does the flat rate cover all outgoing calls?

The destination number can be within the UAE, the visited country or any other IDD numbers (excluding calls to satellite, maritime and premium numbers). However, video calls are not supported.

How can I avail of this special rate and what is the subscription fees?

No opt-in/activation is required. Flat rate is offered by default and free of subscription charge to all postpaid and prepaid customers, consumers and business.

What happens if I call a barred number?

You will be notified (via flash message) "Callback cannot be initiated to dialed destination."

Will these USSD callback calls appear in my bill/invoice?

Yes, they will be billed in your postpaid account as "Roaming Callback".

What is Etisalat Travelers’ Helpline?

If you need support while you are roaming, you can ask for Etisalat Customer Care support by Dialing *145*8002300# (free for postpaid customers, AED 3 for prepaid) and an expert will call you back immediately to help you through the issue that you face.

In case that you could not reach us through the Traveler helpline due to any reason, you can still call us on the standard numbers with outgoing roaming rates:

  • +971 8002300  (for Etisalat numbers)
  • +971400444101 (for Non-Etisalat numbers) 
  • Or write to us an email at roamingcare@etisalat.ae

Does it require data subscription to work?

  • ICP for Mobile: Yes, it requires valid mobile data to work.
  • ICP for eLife: No, it does not require valid mobile data to work.

Will I get a free data with ICP?

No. ICP does not provide free data.

What are the data consumption rates for video/audio calls?

Data consumption rates are based on the call quality, which is determined by internet speed.

I have social data subscription. Will it support Internet Calling Plan?

ICP is available for social Data users through one of the following options:

  • Use the messaging feature only of BOTIM & C’Me, without subscribing to ICP.
  • Enable video/audio calling features, when they subscribe to ICP.

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