What is the eLife Value Pack?

It is a home service that provides landline, internet and TV services as a fully integrated package with a 24-month contract.

What is required to subscribe to the eLife Value Pack?

It requires fibre optics network coverage to install the service. In addition, you need a phone for the landline service, a router for internet and a set-top box (STB) for the TV service. You will get a free Gigaset A220 wireless phone and a managed router based on the package speed as a part of the new installation.

Can I get another phone?

Yes, we offer the Gigaset A220 Trio and the Panasonic KXPRW110 with extra charges, either as a standalone or a 2-year monthly instalment as listed below:

What is the installation charge?

The installation fees are AED 208.95 (5% VAT included). You can enjoy same-day installation and pay extra AED 262.50 AED (5% VAT included).

Are there any extra benefits if I subscribe to Ultimate 1G?

Yes. It comes with exclusive extra benefits including:

  • Free installation
  • Free unlimited international calls - same list of countries with Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for the unlimited IDD calls from home
  • Free unlimited national fixed to mobile calls with FUP of 2000min/month
  • A provided router that will support 1gbps internet speed 
  • 3 wireless access points/repeater  
  • 8 hours of free hotspot 
  • Prestige status upon subscription

Are there exclusive benefits for people of determination?

People of Determination accounts will enjoy a 50% discount on the eLife Family package rental (excluding device instalments).

I am migrating my old eLife to the 4.0 Value Packs; will I get the managed router for free?

You will be eligible for a PNP router provided that you have not received a free one previously.

What are the landline call charges?

  • Landline to landline:
    • Unlimited free local calls with an FUP of 7500min/month with no carry over
    • After exceeding fair usage, a charge of AED 0.1575/minute (5% VAT included) applies
  • Landline to mobile:
    • A charge of AED 0.32/min applies (5% VAT included)

Do the 7500 local minutes include calling Premium numbers (i.e.600, 700, 9000, 181)?

No, Premium numbers have their special charging rates and are not considered as local minutes.

What will be the number of hotspot hours with each package?

There are no hotspot hours for eLife Value Packs.

How can I reset my internet password?

Firstly, bear in mind that the internet password is not the Wi-Fi password. The internet password is the one that etisalat provides you to connect to the network. You can reset it by dialling 101/125 and following the instruction, via online services. Meanwhile, the Wi-Fi password is the one that you use to connect your wireless devices to the wireless router. To get support on how to create, change and reset it,please click here.

Can I change my user ID?

Yes, you can change it by visiting etisalat outlets or by calling 101. A charge of AED 52.50 (5% VAT included) will apply.

I am travelling for one month and a half; can I suspend the service?

Yes, but you can only do it once every 365 days. Simply apply for a temporarily hold of your monthly rentals (excluding device instalments) for your home service account for 30 or 60 days. This service is applicable for:

  • All eLife accounts except eLife 1P (TV)  
  • Al Shamil accounts except Al Shamil over WI-MAX (I-WAN) network
The charges are:
  • AED 157.50 for 30 days
  • AED 262.50 for 60 days

I need to suspend my line for only 15 days. What is the charge I should expect?

A one-month charge of AED 157.50 (5% VAT included) applies for 30 days and below, whereas a 2-month charge of AED 262.50 (5% VAT included) applies for durations that are between 30 and 60 days.

I have the eLife double play service and I want to upgrade my internet speed. How does it work?

If you are an existing user, you can continue with your existing packages. However, if you want to upgrade or downgrade your internet speed, you will have to choose one of the eLife 4.0 packages as the old 2P and 3P packages will no longer be available commercially.

I have an eLife 4.0 subscription for 7 months and I need to terminate the contract. What is the exit charge that I should pay?

Contract exit charges are:

Contract termination

Charge (AED, 5% VAT included)

During the first year


During the second year


Equipment exit charges: the equipment rental X the remaining months of the contract period. 

Please consider that all equipment provided within the eLife package itself will have a 24-month instalment plan and the exit charges will be calculated from the starting date of the contract.

What is elife Ana Emarati?

eLife Ana Emarati is an offer exclusive to UAE nationals where they get eLife 4.0 Value Packs with additional benefits.

What are the extra benefits that I will get?

  • A free speed booster 
  • A free special landline number 
  • A free CNA (change number announcement) message for 3 months in case of number change 
  • A 50% discount of up to AED 200 on the second eLife account under the same user

Who is eligible to subscribe to eLife Ana Emarati?

  • Only UAE nationals subscribing to any eLife Value Pack (excluding eLife Premium 500 and Ultimate 1G) 
  • eLife Premium users who are UAE nationals can subscribe to Ana Emarati, but without the speed booster offer

I’m subscribed to the Entertainment package. Can I get another line on Combo with the 50% discount?

No, the secondary account must include the same package of the primary account or lower. The 50% discount of up to AED 200 for the second line is available for one account only as a “Second home”.

How many Ana Emarati lines can I get?

You are eligible for only one Ana Emarati subscription under the same user.

I have two lines. Can I get the speed booster for both?

Only one speed booster is allowed per account.

I have the People of Determination discount. Can I get eLife Ana Emarati?

No, Ana Emirati offer cannot co-exist with People of Determination Offer.

How can I subscribe to Ana Emarati?

Simply visit etisalat outlets or call 101/800101.

What is Fixed LTE?

It is an alternative solution for users who do not have GPON network coverage in their premises to enjoy the eLife service, get connected to the internet and have a landline.

How can I subscribe to it?

Simply visit your nearest etisalat Business Centre.

Can I subscribe to internet only with Fixed LTE?

Yes, you can. The Fixed LTE service could be 2P, which provides both internet and landline, 1P internet service only or 1P landline only.

How will it be installed?

You will get a free data SIM once your request is submitted from the counter. An etisalat technician will visit you to install the external antenna and internal unit.

Will I get a wireless phone as regular eLife users do?

You can get a wireless handset phone for a monthly instalment of AED 10.50 (5% VAT included) for one year.

How will I be charged for my landline usage?

Normal landline call rates will apply.

Are there any restrictions on data usage?

Unlimited internet access will be provided with a limit of 300GB/month. The speed will be reduced to 1mbps once the limit is reached.

Will I get an EIM email with the Fixed LTE service?

No. Fixed LTE does not have email services.

Does the Fixed LTE service have usernames and passwords similar to other internet services?

No. There are no usernames and passwords for Fixed LTE.

What is the Humat Al Watan offer?

It is a promotional offer that gives exclusive additional benefits on eLife 4.0 Value Packs for Humat Al Watan (Ana Jundi) cardholders irrespective of their nationality.

What are the benefits associated to Humat Al Watan for eLife?

  • One free speed booster (up to 100mbps) 
  • Free special landline number (with 3 months of free change number announcements) 
  • Priority in service installation (prestige) 
  • A 50% discount of up to AED 200 discount on the second eLife account under the same user 
  • 10% off on a set of premium TV packages

I’m subscribed to the Entertainment package. Am I eligible to get another line on Combo with the 50% discount?

No, the secondary account must include the same package of the primary account or lower. You are eligible for a 50% discount of up to AED 200 discount on the second package.

Can I have more than one secondary line at the 50% discount rate?

Only one account can be selected as a “Second home”.

How can I subscribe to Humat Al Watan for eLife?

Simply visit your nearest etisalat outlet with a scan of your Humat Al Watan card.

I have the People of Determination discount. Can I get Humat Al Watan for eLife?

No, Humat Al Watan for eLife cannot co-exist with the People of Determination offer.

I have the eLife Ana Emarati package. Can I get Humat Al Watan for eLife?

No, Humat Al Watan for eLife cannot co-exist with eLife Ana Emarati.

What is STB and why do I need to have it?

A set-top box (STB) is the device that you need to enjoy the IPTV services that etisalat provides through the GPON network. We will provide it when you subscribe to any home service package that provides IPTV service like standalone eLife TV or eLife 4.0 Value Packs. It will come with a remote control as well as HDMI and ethernet cables.

What are the types of STBs?

STBs can either be regular or recorder (PVR). The PVR STB will enable you to record your favourite shows and enjoy the Start Over feature.

Does the STB come with my eLife subscription?

The main STB is usually provided as a part of eLife Package subscription. Some eLife packages provide a regular STB while others provide a PVR as the main one. However, you can take additional STBs for extra charges.

How many STBs can I get?

You can get up to maximum 12 STBs (1 main + 11 additional) on the same eLife account.

What requirements are there to get an additional STB?

It requires an STB, a technician visit as well as additional socket installation.

How much does this cost?

The charges for the technician visit, additional sockets and the STB rental are listed below:

  • Socket and technician visit charge:
Technician visit only covers one socket request, if you wish to have more than 1 socket, additional socket charges will apply
For example:
  • Charges for one socket: AED 150 tech visit only  
  • Charges for two sockets: AED 150 tech visit + AED 50  
  • Charges for three sockets: AED 150 tech visit + AED (50 x 2)
An additional STB rental can be paid as a one-time payment or in monthly instalments as listed below:
  • One-time charge: AED 756 (5% VAT included)  
  • 24-month instalments: 
    • Additional regular STB: AED 30.15 (5% VAT included)      
    • Additional recorder STB: AED 42.00 (5% VAT included)

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