Do the 7500 local minutes include calling Premium numbers (i.e.600, 700, 9000, 181)?

No, Premium numbers have their special charging rates and are not considered as local minutes.

What will be the number of hotspot hours with each package?

There are no hotspot hours for eLife Value Packs.

How can I reset my internet password?

Firstly, bear in mind that the internet password is not the Wi-Fi password. The internet password is the one that etisalat provides you to connect to the network. You can reset it by dialling 101/125 and following the instruction, via online services. Meanwhile, the Wi-Fi password is the one that you use to connect your wireless devices to the wireless router. To get support on how to create, change and reset it,please click here.

Can I change my user ID?

Yes, you can change it by visiting etisalat outlets or by calling 101. A charge of AED 52.50 (5% VAT included) will apply.

I have two lines. Can I get the speed booster for both?

Only one speed booster is allowed per account.

How will it be installed?

You will get a free data SIM once your request is submitted from the counter. An etisalat technician will visit you to install the external antenna and internal unit.

Will I get a wireless phone as regular eLife users do?

You can get a wireless handset phone for a monthly instalment of AED 10.50 (5% VAT included) for one year.

Are there any restrictions on data usage?

Unlimited internet access will be provided with a limit of 300GB/month. The speed will be reduced to 1mbps once the limit is reached.

Will I get an EIM email with the Fixed LTE service?

No. Fixed LTE does not have email services.

Does the Fixed LTE service have usernames and passwords similar to other internet services?

No. There are no usernames and passwords for Fixed LTE.

What is STB and why do I need to have it?

A set-top box (STB) is the device that you need to enjoy the IPTV services that etisalat provides through the GPON network. We will provide it when you subscribe to any home service package that provides IPTV service like standalone eLife TV or eLife 4.0 Value Packs. It will come with a remote control as well as HDMI and ethernet cables.

What are the types of STBs?

STBs can either be regular or recorder (PVR). The PVR STB will enable you to record your favourite shows and enjoy the Start Over feature.

How many STBs can I get?

You can get up to maximum 12 STBs (1 main + 11 additional) on the same eLife account.

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