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  • The first month rental is free with AED 200/month rental applicable from the second month i.e. 26th onwards.
  • Customers access 2000 SMS for free. If the limit is exceeded, then charges of AED 0.10/SMS will apply. 
  • Customers would be charged AED 100 for New Sender ID during the offer with only the first month’s rental for free.
  • All customers that have subscribed to the free pack before the 10th of the month will automatically be upgraded to the paid pack on 26th of same month unless they opt out before.
  • You can upgrade at anytime from the free pack i.e. SMS Plan 1 to any another pack via the Business Online Portal.
  • You can cancel the free pack at anytime after the trial has begun prior to the 26th of the month which would result to not being auto-renewed to SMS Plan 1.
  • The Try & Buy Offer will not be valid for customers with an active Smart Messaging Platform Subscription.
  • This offer will be only be activated for new customers i.e. new Party IDs with them availing this offer only once.

  • Billing frequency is monthly with the cycle calculated from the 26th to 25th of every month.
  • All SMS Plans are auto-renewed on 26th of every month.
  • All prices of plans are excluding 5% VAT.
  • Any unused SMS allowances will not and cannot be carried forward to the next month.
  • No exit charges are applicable, however, if the service is terminated in the middle of the billing cycle, the full month’s rental will apply. 

Out-of-bundle SMS charges as per the following:

  • SMS Plan 1: AED 0.10 per out-of-bundle SMS
  • SMS Plan 2: AED 0.09 per out-of-bundle SMS
  • SMS Plan 3: AED 0.08 fils per out-of-bundle SMS
  • SMS Plan 4: AED 0.07 fils per out-of-bundle SMS
  • SMS Plan 5: AED 0.06 per out-of-bundle SMS
  • SMS Plan 6: AED 0.058 per out-of-bundle SMS
  • SMS Plan 7: AED 0.055 per out-of-bundle SMS
  • SMS Plan 8: AED 0.052 per out-of-bundle SMS

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