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Are you ready to shape the digital future?

We are right in the middle of the digital era and life, as we know it, is transforming every minute. In this hyper-connected world, what defines telecommunications is constantly evolving and Etisalat is operating exactly at the cutting-edge of technology to give shape to these changing interactions. 

We are looking at you, with all your new-age thoughts and ideas, to bring in your unique experiences, competencies and passions to build this future together with us. 

Working at Etisalat will be a rewarding experience in more ways than one. At Etisalat, you will be actively encouraged to be creative, to think beyond the everyday and to challenge long-held conventions.

With the telecommunications industry being redefined with new technological advancement, we are all about embracing these challenges. If you are interested in taking on the demands of this ever-changing field, then Etisalat is where you would definitely want to be! 

“It’s a career. Not a job. At Etisalat, we look forward to investing in you.”

- Group Chief Human Resources Officer

Life at Etisalat

Etisalat culture means there are many paths that women can take to find success in their careers—and satisfaction in their lives

We nurture talent to help you achieve your potential and be the best that you can be. Our extensive training programmes help employees develop their skills, who are then monitored by a team of professionals to give them constructive feedback.

We offer challenging yet exciting assignments in an unparalleled work environment. We ensure that exceptional work is awarded and that the employees earn recognition and the respect of their peers.

Etisalat is one of the pioneers in attracting Emirati women to the workforce and helping them develop their talents further. 

From the early 90’s, Etisalat worked towards creating opportunities in different departments to hire Emirati women. The ones who came onboard were encouraged to improve their skills and discover their full growth potential by creating an atmosphere that promoted learning. 

This investment paid off big time, which can be seen in the increased number of leadership positions managed by women. Utilising their strengths and leadership qualities, these women confidently accept and address every challenge that comes their way. 

At Etisalat, we have always focused on keeping our employees happy and inspired by creating a dynamic and engaging work atmosphere. We also recognise the additional roles that these women play in society and make it a point to celebrate days held in their honour, namely, Emirati/International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day and other personal milestones.

Etisalat firmly believes that “opportunity exists for those who find ways to accomplish” and that there is nothing that limits the potential of the outstanding women of Etisalat.

We are proud of the valuable roles being played by the Emirati women within Etisalat and the UAE as a whole. 

We look forward to seeing you as a part of our Etisalat family.

A Great Place to Work at

It is no secret that only satisfied employees can create satisfied customers. This has been our philosophy since our beginning in 1976. Our people form the cornerstone of our success, one that is based on mutual trust. We give them the room to try new things while caring for their personal and professional growth. We encourage a culture of collaboration and harmony between employees and create an environment that supports and nurtures talent. 

And the results? A team that constantly innovates. A team that acts as one. A team that ranks very high on the happiness index

Our rewards and benefits are designed to provide our employees with enough financial security to help them focus on high-quality performance and continuous improvements. We benchmark ourselves against industry best practices on a regular basis. All employees have medical insurance, and many are entitled to an education allowance that assists with their children's schooling costs.. 

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Pioneering the digital era at Etisalat

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Life at Etisalat


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