aqara starter bundle (include all except the roller shade) Overview

Easily save energy tailored to your lifestyle and actions, monitor home devices in real-time with sensors, and get alerts with the Aqara Home app.


Unperceived Energy Saving - Applicable To Multiple Life Scenes

Reduce energy by up to 20% while maintaining comfort. Use Motion Sensor P1 for presence detection and Door and Windows Sensor T1 for door status, linked with Smart Wall Switch H1 EU for automated light/electrical control: 'On when present, off when not'. Manage Infrared air conditioning with Hub M2 and Temperature and Humidity Sensor T1 for smart, energy-efficient climate control. Automatically adjust air conditioning based on indoor temperatures.

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Secure Home - Insight Through Multifaceted Sensing.

Monitor home devices in real-time with sensors, getting alerts via an app. Security includes status checks, presence, leak, smoke, and climate monitoring, with Hub M2 alarms. One-click 'Leave Home' mode on Wireless Switch H1 turns off lights, shades, and arms Hub M2 for home security, triggering alarms for unusual activities.


Exclusive Bundle Consists Of :

1. Aqara window & door sensor T1

2. Aqara hub m2

3. Aqara temperature & humidity Sensor T1

4. Aqara smart wall switch H1

5. Aqara wireless switch H1

6. Aqara motion sensor P1

7. Aqara water leak Sensor T1

8. Aqara smart smoke detector