Supported with iPath latest technology for spotless homes. Perfect for Pet Owners.

Twin-Turbine Technology

Twin-Turbine Technology

Each turbine offers 2000 Pa of suction power, increasing overall airflow by 80% so your house can go back to looking its best. Clean up to 57.6% more pet hair.

AI Map 2.0 Technology

AI Map 2.0 Technology.

Guided by intelligently generated, multi-floor maps, RoboVac will know where it's cleaning, whether it's on the first floor, in the basement, or in the attic. Customize cleaning areas, no-go zones, and more via the app.

2 in 1 Vacuums and Mops

2 in 1 Vacuums and Mops.

Extra-large 250ml water tank holds enough water for about 140 minutes of mopping and up to 180 minutes of vacuuming and electric cleaning.