Wear the universe on your wrist, And take a trip into the furthest reaches of space; With just a glance at your watch, It’s specially crafted to take your imagination into overdrive, So that you can explore time, space, and the great unknown.


Futuristic Planetary Aesthetics

Industry-Leading Spherical Sapphire Screen and LTPO AOD Display* . Always On Display (AOD) provides easy access to various information. The frame rate of the AOD display is as low as 1 Hz, achieving low power consumption and a long battery life.

*The spherical sapphire is only available on Watch 4 Pro


Independent eSIM, Always Online

This watch keeps you plugged in phone-free, with eSIM One number and eSIM Standalone Number. Make calls, send and receive SMS messages all on your watch.


One-Touch Health Check

Health Glance tracks seven key indicators all at one time, including the heart rate, SpO2 level, respiratory overview, and cardiovascular health, the results of which can be printed out and shared. Find the analysis and more on the HUAWEI Health app.