Tedee Go Bundle Overview

Make your door smart in minutes. Enjoy the new everyday convenience of your home with the smart lock ready for your door.


Hassle Less

Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying keys. Unlock your smart lock effortlessly with a smartphone, smartwatch., mobile app or even PIN code. Set your Tedee GO to lock itself automatically as you leave or return to your home.


Keep Track Of The Safety Of Your Home

Welcome guests and visitors securely to your home even if you’re not there. Just unlock a smart lock remotely in the smartphone app. Share your home with family and friends. Enable easy access with virtual keys in the Tedee app, controlling who enters and when. Keep track of who visits and leaves your home using a smart lock’s activity logs.


Easy Setup And Reliable

This do-it-yourself lock is perfect for rented apartments, main door, your private room or even your walk-in closet. You don’t need to worry about your locking running out of life as the battery lasts 10 months.