Easy freedom
Calling is straightforward on the Wireless home phone. You can use it straight out of the box – simply plug & play. Dialling is effortless, thanks to the user-friendly keys designed with sensitive pressure points. The illuminated, graphical display is easy to read and navigate. Whenever you want to be freed from holding the handset, simply press the illuminated handsfree key.

Stored information
With the Wireless home phone, you enjoy the efficiency of stored information that enables quick and easy calling. The phonebook stores up to 80 of your favorite contacts, making them reachable within seconds. The call list with up to 35 entries logs both incoming and missed calls, so you can return calls without spending any time searching for numbers.

Convenient features
The Wireless home phone functions as a reliable tool for the basic information you need throughout the day. The caller ID function informs you of who is trying to reach you as soon as the phone rings. The Gigaset A220 indicates the date and duration of all your conversations. And, when you need a reminder, you can activate the practical alarm function.