Honor Magic V2 Overview

The thinnest and lightest foldable smart phone.


As Slim And Lightweight As A Typical Flag Ship Phone

Foldable phones have entered the millimetre era for the FIRST TIME1

9.9mm1 in thickness when folded, 4.7mm1 in thickness when unfolded, 231g in weight2. Slimmer and lighter just like holding your bar phone.


Dual Screens Flagship Standard

Dual screens with high screen-to-body ratios:

90%+ screen-to-body ratios for the dual screens, allowing you to have more immersive viewing experience.

Super-large Dual Screens:

The 7.92-inch inner screen and 6.43-inch external screen provide an ultra-large field of view.


Sufficient With Battery, Boosted All Day

The 5000mAh HONOR Silicon-Carbon Dual Battery can last a whole day of usage4, ultra-slim while long-lasting.

Equipped with:

5000 mAh HONOR Silicon-Carbon Dual Battery

66W HONOR SuperCharge