Ready for something different? The new motorola edge+ has the fastest speeds, the highest resolution smartphone camera, the loudest audio, and the boldest display.


Photography like no other

The 108 MP triple camera system is designed to take the best pictures you’ve ever seen on a smartphone. Dual OIS, advanced laser autofocus, 6K video, and AI features that improve your shots—expertly-crafted hardware complemented by the software to make it simple. You don’t need a professional DSLR camera to take amazing photos and videos.

The fastest 5G speeds ever

Step into the future of connectivity and feel the rush of lightning-fast 5G, plus the super speed and bandwidth of WiFi. Ready for the fastest possible data speeds ever in a smartphone? We thought so.

The most immersive display ever

Stretching 6.7” and wrapping nearly 90 degrees around both sides, the Endless Edge display delivers breathtaking views and maximizes the viewing area. See a billion shades of color with HDR10+ and scroll smoothly with the 90Hz refresh rate.