Get ready for a new era of mobile. A whole new world for you to experience. Introducing Galaxy S24 Plus.


Live Translate. The easiest way to communicate

Thanks to Live Translate, now you can get real-time interpretation while you're on the phone. Break down language barriers like never before — even through messaging. Reply in your own language — it’ll get translated on their end too.


Circle to Search with Google. Circle it, find it

A new way to search is here with Circle to Search with Google.
Stumbled upon something that you just must know what it is? Circle it with your S Pen or finger and ta-da, you'll get Google Search results. Now you can quickly get an answer without leaving your feed.


Stronger Vapor Chamber. Game on

This new and improved heat dissipation system helps you keep gaming at optimal performance. Our latest Vapor Chamber is bigger than before, with an integrated liquid-type thermal interface material.