Galaxy S24 Ultra Overview

Get ready for a new era of mobile. A whole new world for you to experience. Introducing Galaxy S24 Ultra.


Live Translate. The Easiest Way To Communicate

Thanks to Live Translate, now you can get real-time interpretation while you're on the phone. Break down language barriers like never before — even through messaging. Reply back in your own language — it’ll get translated on their end too.


Circle To Search With Google. Circle It, Find It

A new way to search is here with Circle to Search with Google.
Stumbled upon something that you just have to know what it is? Circle it with your S Pen or finger and ta-da, you'll get Google Search results. Now you can quickly get an answer without leaving your feed.


Note Assist. Summarize Notes In The Blink Of An AI

Whether you're typing up a storm or jotting something down, Note Assist makes a long story short. Simply start writing, and format it into a clear, easy-to-review summary later.