More powerful Snapdragon™ 855 Faster 20W wireless charging Be the first to experience new possibilities


All new AI triple camera - More than just another lens. A wider angle and a closer shot

Three essential lenses: wide angle, telephoto, and ultra wide-angle. Mi 9 has a lens with a view wider than typical lenses, and the camera is capable of correcting distortion . It even supports macro photography, so there's no limits to your creativity.

Holographic, all-curved back design

If you've ever been intrigued by the mysteries of a starry night sky, then you will love the look of this phone. Made with nanometer-level coating, the finish brings out all the colors of the light as it hits the phone, creating a spectacular sight.

Optical in-screen fingerprint recognition, 25% faster, practical and convenient

By using optical in-screen fingerprint sensor, your fingerprint is scanned using highly accurate dynamic focusing, ensuring that the scan isn't affected by bright light or dry hands.