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7B83D072-3E0D-49AE-A875-1911086F328B Created with sketchtool.
Arabic & English
150+ elife

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Sorry is not available in any of packs included with this plan.


Please check the full list here.


Channel No Language Age Rating
Info Channel 1 English G
Etisalat Promotions 2 English G
On Demand Trailers 3 English G
eLife How-To HD 4 English G
Hope Mars Mission 7 Arabic G
Mosaic 1 8 English G
Mosaic 2 9 English G
Abu Dhabi TV HD 11 Arabic G
Al Emarat TV HD 12 Arabic G
Baynounah TV HD 15 Arabic G
Dubai TV HD 22 Arabic G
Sama Dubai HD 23 Arabic G
Noor Dubai 24 Arabic G
Dubai Zaman TV 25 Arabic G
Sharjah TV HD 33 Arabic G
Al Wousta from Al Dhaid 34 Arabic G
Sharqiya From Kalba HD 35 Arabic G
Ajman TV HD 38 Arabic G
Fujairah TV HD 40 Arabic G
Al Dafrah HD 42 Arabic G
Capital TV 48 Arabic G
Al Shallal TV HD 52 Arabic G
Saudi 1 HD 60 Arabic G
SBC HD 61 Arabic G
Zikrayat TV HD 62 Arabic G
Al Rayyan 63 Arabic G
Al Rayyan Al Qadeem 64 Arabic G
Oman TV HD 65 Arabic G
Bahrain International 66 Arabic G
Bahrain TV HD 67 Arabic G
Kuwait Drama HD 68 Arabic G
Kuwait TV HD 69 Arabic G
Kuwait Al Qareen HD 70 Arabic G
Al Shahed TV HD 72 Arabic G
Al Rai TV 73 Arabic G
Funoon HD 74 Arabic G
Al Ghad Al Mushreq 75 Arabic G
Al Soumariya HD 76 Arabic G
Al Sharqiya HD 77 Arabic G
MBC Iraq HD 78 Arabic G
OTV HD 80 Arabic G
Tele Liban 83 Arabic G
NBN TV HD 85 Arabic G
Jordan TV HD 89 Arabic G
Al Kahera Wal Nass 95 Arabic G
ON Drama 96 Arabic G
ON E HD 97 Arabic G
CBC 101 Arabic G
CBC Extra News 102 Arabic G
CBC Drama 103 Arabic G
Al Hayat 104 Arabic G
Al Hayat Musalsalat 106 Arabic G
Al Nahar TV 108 Arabic G
Al Nahar Drama 110 Arabic G
Sada Al Balad 112 Arabic G
Sada Al Balad Drama 113 Arabic G
DMC HD 114 Arabic G
DMC Drama 115 Arabic G
Ten 119 Arabic G
Al Mehwar TV 123 Arabic G
Nile Drama 126 Arabic G
Nile Family and Children 127 Arabic G
Nile Life 128 Arabic G
Nile TV 129 Arabic PG13
Nile Comedy 130 Arabic G
Sudan TV 131 Arabic G
Blue Nile TV 132 Arabic G
Canal Algerie 2 HD 138 Arabic G
2M Monde 140 Arabic G
Al Maghribiya HD 141 Arabic G
China Arab TV 142 Arabic G
Zee Alwan 148 Arabic G
MBC 1 HD 151 Arabic G
MBC Drama HD 152 Arabic G
MBC Maser 154 Arabic G
DIZI 156 Arabic G
Al Aan TV HD 164 Arabic G
Amman TV HD 165 Arabic G
Roya TV HD 166 Arabic G
CGTN Arabic 167 Arabic G
DW Arabia HD 169 Arabic G
Dubai One HD 180 English G
MBC 4 HD 181 English G
MBC Action HD 182 Arabic & English G
Kuwait TV 2 HD 185 English G
Star World HD 188 English G
MBC+ Variety HD 190 English G
NHK World HD 206 Japanese G
DW German HD 217 German G
TV5 Monde Orient HD 226 French PG13
tve Internacional HD 229 Spanish PG13
Majid Kids TV HD 304 Arabic G
Baby TV HD 305 Arabic & English G
Rotana Kids 306 Arabic G
Karameesh 307 Arabic G
Lolly Kids 308 English G
Spacetoon 310 Arabic G
Cartoon Network Arabic 311 Arabic G
Cartoon Network HD 317 Arabic & English G
Boomerang HD 318 Arabic & English G
Nat Geo Abu Dhabi HD 351 Arabic G
Nat Geo HD 369 English G
Nat Geo Wild HD 371 English G
Travel XP HD 376 English G
NASA TV HD 389 English G
NASA TV UHD 390 English G
CBC Sofra 402 Arabic G
Style HD 409 French G
Health & Wellness 416 English G
NDTV Good Times 418 Arabic & English G
Aghani Aghani HD 438 Arabic G
Flame TV 451 English PG13
Chillayo 452 English PG13
Party's 453 English PG13
Clubbing TV HD 462 Arabic PG15
Cubayo 463 Spanish PG13
Sky News Arabia HD 502 Arabic PG13
Al Arabiya HD 504 Arabic PG13
Al Hadath HD 505 Arabic PG13
Asharq News HD 507 Arabic PG13
Al Mashhad TV 508 Arabic PG13
Al Ekhbariya HD 510 Arabic PG13
BBC Arabic 513 Arabic PG13
France 24 Arabic HD 514 Arabic PG13
Al Hurra HD 515 Arabic G
RT Arabic HD 516 Arabic & English PG13
Al Mamlaka 517 Arabic PG13
AlGhad TV HD 519 Arabic PG13
i24 Arabic 520 Arabic PG13
CNBC Arabiya HD 522 Arabic PG13
CNN International HD 527 English PG13
BBC World News HD 528 English PG13
Russia Today HD 530 English PG13
France 24 English HD 531 English PG13
i24 English 537 English PG13
Euronews HD 538 English G
Bloomberg 540 English PG13
France 24 French HD 545 French PG13
Dunya TV HD 571 Urdu PG13
Aaj News 575 Urdu G
Saudi Quran HD 577 Arabic G
Saudi Sunna HD 578 Arabic G
Iqraa 579 Arabic G
Al Resalah HD 580 Arabic G
Al Majd 581 Arabic G
Azhari 582 English G
Peace TV English HD 586 English G
Rotana Comedy HD 611 Arabic G
Nile Cinema 616 Arabic G
Zee Aflam 620 Arabic PG13
B4U Aflam 621 Hindi PG13
MBC Bollywood HD 622 Arabic G
MBC Max HD 625 English PG13
MBC 2 HD 626 English PG13
Filmbox Action 654 English PG15
Filmbox Family 655 English PG15
Star Movies HD 658 English PG13
StarzPlay Action 659 English PG13
StarzPlay Comedy 660 English G
StarzPlay Crime 661 English G
StarzPlay Series 662 English G
TCM HD 664 English PG13
Emasala 666 Hindi G
Emasala Simply South 667 Hindi G
Abu Dhabi Sports 1 HD 701 Arabic & English G
Abu Dhabi Sports 1 HD 701 Arabic & English G
Abu Dhabi Sports 2 HD 702 Arabic & English G
Abu Dhabi Sports 2 HD 702 Arabic & English G
YAS SPORTS HD 709 Arabic & English G
YAS SPORTS HD 709 Arabic & English G
Al Ain TV 710 Arabic G
Dubai Sports HD 711 Arabic & English G
Dubai Sports 2 HD 712 Arabic G
Dubai Sports 3 713 Arabic G
Dubai Racing HD 716 Arabic G
Dubai Racing 2 717 Arabic G
Dubai Racing 3 718 Arabic G
Sharjah Sports HD 721 Arabic G
KSA Sports 1 HD 725 Arabic G
KSA Sports 2 HD 726 Arabic G
KSA Sports 3 HD 727 Arabic G
Jordan Sport 730 Arabic G
SSC 2 732 Arabic G
Al Kass One 767 Arabic G
Al Kass Four 770 Arabic G
Kuwait Sports HD 779 Arabic G
Kuwait Sports + HD 780 Arabic G
Bahrain Sports 1 791 Arabic G
Bahrain Sports 2 792 Arabic G
Zamalek TV 794 Arabic G
Al Ahly TV HD 795 Arabic G
ON Time Sports HD 797 Arabic G
ON Time Sports 2 HD 798 Arabic G
NTV HD 804 Malayalam G
Janam TV 823 Malayalam G
Darshana TV 838 Malayalam G
Kantipur TV HD 956 Nepali G
MBC Persia HD 1052 Persian PG13
BBC Persian 1053 Persian PG13
Arirang TV 1065 Korean G
CCTV 4 HD 1070 Chinese G
Pulse 95 FM 1203 English G
Sharjah Quran 1204 Arabic G
Dubai FM 1211 English G
MBC FM 1215 Arabic G
Panorama FM 1216 Arabic G