Compatible TV Boxes


There are two fully compatible TV boxes for this service:

  1. KAON 6078 TV Box with push-to-talk remote
  2. KAON 6080 TV Box with Alexa on set top box


eLife Smart Living Standard TV Box (KAON 6078)

eLife Smart Living Premium TV Box (KAON 6080)

Control smart devices with voice commands

With a remote-control built-in mic

With direct Voice command (8 mts between voice & TV box)

Control TV channels  & volume with voice commands

1-year device warranty

Bluetooth & IR remote control

Free Amazon Alexa service

4K, Wi-Fi 6. and Dolby sound

Play eLife games

Playback video recording up to 1TB (approx. 120 to 150 hours recording time) 


Built-in 20W speaker