Double Data Pack

  • The Double Data pack is eligible only for New Postpaid yearly plan subscribers (150, 250 and 500)
  • The Double Data pack monthly rental of AED 100 will be charged in full and the plan data will be doubled during the month of activation
  • Once you opt in to the Double Data pack, the pack will be auto renewed every monthly
  • Once you opt out of the Double Data pack, you will get data allowance as per original plan starting from the following month
  • The Double Data pack cannot be activated multiple times in the same month; you can only subscribe once a month
  • In case of deactivation, you cannot reactivate the subscription in the same month
  • In case of migration/ upgrade/ downgrade, Double Data pack will be cancelled; you will get data as per the plan you are migrating to, however, the doubled data will be available to you until the end of month
  • There is no exit charge applicable for the Double Data pack, however the exit charges for migration will remain as per current business rules