Empowering a Secure
Remote Workforce
As we face unprecedented pressures to adopt new operational models and shift employees to a remote workplace setup outside the safe boundaries of the corporate infrastructure, exposure to cyber risks is a major concern. Adopting an efficient risk mitigation mechanism with a strong secure solution design, becomes key to mitigating these risks.
Organizations must implement multilevel security to keep their employees and data safe and ensure business continuity. Leveraging the reliable expertise of a trusted partner is critical to help secure your business today.
Help AG, the cybersecurity arm of Etisalat Digital, is the strongest player in the domain - with the largest number of qualified experts, digital domain expertise and financial flexibility.
We Provide:
• Expert response to your request within 24 hours.
• Unmatched level of technical competence
• Experience of over 25 years in all types of secure remote access solutions
- For sales inquiries, please contact your sales account manager
- For more technical details, contact us managedsecurity@etisalat.ae
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