Dear Valued Customer,

We hope this communication finds you safe and well.

This is regarding an urgent matter that requires your immediate action as you have passed the deadline to connect your SDWAN connection in time to meet your December 2020 DOH deadline to connect to Malaffi.

TIn accordance with Department of Health (DoH) Policy on the Abu Dhabi Health Information Exchange (ADHIE), and the DoH Circular #91 of September 1st 2020, it is mandatory that all healthcare facilities are connected to Malaffi by December 2020.

A copy of the DOH policy on the ADHIE can be downloaded here. A copy of the DOH Malaffi Launch Schedule can be found here.

One of the steps required to connect to Malaffi, is a secure connection to the platform. Etisalat has been appointed as the exclusive provider for the secure SDWAN connection that is required for facilities such as yourselves, to be able to connect to Malaffi.

To fulfil this requirement and establish your secure SD-WAN Malaffi connection, please contact your Etisalat Account Manager, or click here to register your detail.

Kind regards,
The Etisalat Malaffi Team

Wishing you a great day from all of us here at Etisalat
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