A simplified guide to Etisalat's
Business Online Portal for 24/7 self-support
Why wait for your Account Manager to get back to you when you have the convenience of the Business Online Portal at your fingertips, 24/7?
Discover complete ease with an all-inclusive platform designed
to monitor, manage and track all your accounts while further
equipping you with the following:
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Modify Billing Info

Access billing
methods & related
information under
'Bill Delivery
Settings' in 'Pay'


Cease Account Info

Easily close a mobile
account by selecting
the 'Close Account'
option under 'Mobile'


Purchase Add-on

Shop new or modify
existing add-ons/
user by selecting
'Add-ons' under
the 'Order' tab


Manage Plan

Upgrade existing
mobile plans by
selecting 'Change
Plan' in 'Mobile'
under 'Order' tab


Data Cap

Add or reduce data
limit by selecting
'Data Cap' in
'Mobile' under the
'Order' tab


Usage Limit

Regulate your usage
amount by selecting
'Usage Limit'
in 'Mobile' under
'Order' tab


Change Network

Manage data
& roaming limits by
selecting 'Network
Settings' in 'Mobile'
under 'Order' tab


Delete Add-ons

Easy add-on
cancellation by
selecting 'Remove
Subscription' in
'Mobile' under
'Order' tab

Log in with your username xxxxxxxxx and click on "Forgot Password"
if you wish to reset your password.
We would like to bring to your attention that the Business Online Portal will
soon be the only destination to manage your business accounts with Etisalat.
Click here to view tutorials on navigating your way through
Etisalat's Business Online Portal.
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