Access a powerful guide
to raise cloud capabilities and
reduce IT costs using MS Azure
Microsoft Teams
24th Aug 2023
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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Join the Microsoft Azure Webinar to discover how to effectively integrate MS Azure's Platform as a Service (PaaS) model into your business!
Scalability and Cost
Scale up or down based on business needs & enjoy reduced IT infrastructure with access to a trusted MS cloud platform.
Seamless Hybrid
Integrate and manage your environments across multiple clouds & on-premises with a cohesive hybrid framework.
200+ Cloud Products
& Services
From app development to security, cloud modernisation to IoT & more, build & run operations with tools of your choice.
  Topics   Speaker   Duration
 Introduction to Microsoft Azure  Ramaswamy KA,
 Microsoft Sales Manager
 10 mins
 Microsoft Azure benefits  Goli Satya Deepak,
 Azure Cloud Architect
 15 mins
 How to reduce IT costs with Azure  Goli Satya Deepak,
 Azure Cloud Architect
 15 Mins
 Etisalat by e& Azure Products offerings  Nurmuhammad Ismoilov,
 Azure Presales
 10 mins
 Access to Free Cloud Assessment
 Nurmuhammad Ismoilov,
 Azure Presales
 10 mins
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