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Technology & Innovation

Managed Services

We explore and share some of the key advantages and reasons for considering Manage Services to optimise operational Efficiency

03 May 2021


Business Advice & Ideas

Top Tech Start-ups in the UAE

27 Apr 2021


Business Advice & Ideas

Digital marketing: How embedded are you?

Data-driven analytics, the social media, the Internet of Things or IoOT, AI or artificial intelligence.

06 Apr 2021


Product Related

Keeping your business mobile

31 Mar 2021


Technology & Innovation

AI-powered customer service to grow in the new normal

Human and digital skills are blended in the digital age. It has its pros and cons but for the most part, technology is emerging as our friend.

28 Mar 2021


Product Related

Digitising the customer experience in hospitality

Digitising and creating a contactless experience through multiple touchpoints during the overall guest journey requires a platform like Etisalat’s Hospitality Modular Suite 

25 Mar 2021


Hello Business Hub & Startups

10 legal options before starting your business

A glimpse of a fascinating future it continues to build and nurture. Here are some laws you must know if you’re considering to set up a business in the UAE.

22 Mar 2021


Business Advice & Ideas

HR embarks on a new mission: Digital tracking

There are pros and cons in working from home concept and HR across a diversified spectrum of industries are seriously studying the situation to keep up with their new digital role

19 Mar 2021


Product Related

Digital Signage made easy

10 Mar 2021


Hello Business Hub & Startups

Kick-off your startup with powerful digital solutions

So, you’ve finally made your dream business into a reality. The next big step: How to make it grow?

07 Mar 2021


Technology & Innovation

Your space in the cloud

Cloud computing has been around for nearly two decades, but its essence has never been more vital than now when we work at home and do business remotely anywhere in the world.

01 Mar 2021