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30 May 2021

We often associate one-stop shops with consumer goods in supermarkets or malls where everything we’re looking for are lumped together in one place. Convenient and saves us time and money.

But with consumer demands changing in today’s fast-paced world, one-stop shop isn’t just about shopping anymore. Many companies engaged in different fields have switched to offering one-stop shop services, healthcare in particular, whereby patients are provided with a multitude of medical services and treatment in their facilities.

In recent years, governments, businesses and industries have also embraced this concept that eliminates unnecessary paperwork by creating a streamlined and ease-to-use interface between governments, consumers and businesses.  

Digital transformation and innovation are key factors they have integrated to make their one-stop shop successful, ensuring that all transactions are done fast, secure and easy.

In the UAE’s telecoms industry, Etisalat pioneers in introducing the one-stop shop concept when it launched in 2018 the Hello Business Hub designed to help small and medium businesses (SMBs) to give them the flexibility and ease in setting up their business and to kick-start their operations in the country, all under one roof.


More than 300,000 SMB customers across the UAE rely on Etisalat’s telecommunications solutions back then and the figure have risen with digitalization rapidly integrated in today’s business climate.

Etisalat’s Hello Business Hub can help setup and register your company, assist you with your banking and insurance needs, office leasing to furniture, apart from offering you the latest bespoke telecom and digital solutions. 

The telecom company’s courteous staff will guide you every step of the way whether you want to form your business in a free zone where 100 percent ownership is allowed or have it set-up in the mainland with a local partner or a local service agent.

Etisalat’s strategic business partners include Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), Virtuzone, Oman Insurance, National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah (RAKBANK), Sharaf DG, Amer for Government services, Skylines Tax Consultancy, CBRE, Advanced Business Concept (ABC), The Ambassador, Leader Consulting, in addition to Etisalat solutions and Digital Marketing services for SMBs.

If your company or business is expanding, Etisalat’s Hello Business Hub can also provide you with tailored advanced solutions to increase your productivity and profitability.


As digital giants and startups change business models around the world, telecom companies will play an even more strategic role to create opportunities and spur economic growth.

Emerging technologies’ influence on how we live, work and play, will likely be greater than before. To this end, the global telecoms industry will be a necessary ally in whatever we do—whether as an individual or a business entity.

There’s just no escaping the telecom industry’s greater role in our connectivity and the way we live and do business.

Global financial firm Deloitte says telecommunications providers will likely serve as the bedrock of companies’ ability to recover and thrive in 2021 and beyond—across industries, providing new opportunities to radically transform how they deliver new products and services.

In the coming year, however, telecommunications companies should have an even larger role to play as 5G wireless technology begins to gain traction among enterprises and consumers alike. In particular, 5G promises to provide enterprises with unprecedented, real-time visibility, insights, and control over their assets, products, and services, it added.

5G is expected to trigger innovative business models with large-scale adoption as it immensely improves speed, latency, reliability and power consumption while supporting more device connections. Telecom providers across the world have invested on this revolutionary wireless technology that is said to redefine the way we do business and live.

In the Middle East and North Africa, Etisalat is the first to introduce 5G network with speeds of up to 1Gbps on your mobile device, congestion-free network without any service degradation. Its futuristic services include smart metering, autonomous cars, eHealth services and more.

With 5G expect Etisalat’s Hello Business Hub to expand and offer even more services for your convenience. The future is here.

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