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05 Oct 2020

Making e-commerce more accessible

It is an ideal way to take your brand from a traditional brick and mortar business to an innovative brand by offering your product or service. Offering a 24 hours a day service along with online customer service options like blogs and social media, your business is no longer one-dimensional, allowing you to fully expand your range without having to worry about moving locations or worrying about not being able to expand your business.

One of the advantages of the growth of ecommerce, especially in2020, is the abundance of platforms that make it easier for you to set up an ecommerce site. So, if you’re still on the fence about launching an ecommerce store for your business, here’s some of the features and benefits you need to consider on a platform before jumping in and setting up your own website and ecommerce store.

Customisable: The platform you choose to set up for your ecommerce website should have the options to customise your website with logos, photos, images, fonts, colours, and multiple language options. Some of the more flexible platforms like eStore (most claim they are) will let you build your website to be as small or as big as you choose.

Accessibility: A good website building platform can now not only let you create, build, and manage your website on mobile devices as well as on desktop but a good platform should also make your website look great on any device meaning it should be fully responsive and automatically resize and adjust to any device or screen resolution.

SEO: Most platforms like Etisalat eStore offer the options for making SEO services easy to plug into your new website. Some make it as easy as deploying at the click of a button.

Tracking and Analytics: Ensure that your new website has the capability to track your orders, identify your best sellers/buyers, and allow you to add an unlimited amount of items to your online store. Also add analytics to ensure that you are optimising and managing your website’s performance. Most sites will allow you to plug in the Google analytics or any other analytical too that you use to help you manage and monitor the performance and activities on your new website. 

Online Payments: A crucial element to setting up a store online is the option for safely and securely receive online payments. Platforms such as Etisalat’s eStore seamlessly integrates into payment gateways and makes this an easy option to set up.

Etisalat recently launched its eStore that now makes it supremely simple and easy for small businesses to build a beautiful and professional website. It offers a wide variety of options that suit any type of business and an user-friendly drag and drop editing interface, with thousands of ready-made templates to choose from to create and publish a new website in just a matter of hours.