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Business Edge

A digital platform to boost your business.

Build Success with Business Edge

Business Edge is an innovative and adaptable platform offering a variety of essential products and services designed to strengthen every aspect of your business.

Business Edge products and services are split between six business-boosting categories.


Smart Connectivity

High-speed internet and network protection shape the core of Business Edge

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Voice and video call solutions to empower your employees and boost collaboration.

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Office Productivity

Streamline business with exceptional tools including Office 365 and VAT solutions.

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Security and Analytics

Secure your business with digital CCTV and get access to in-depth analytics.

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Business Devices

Keep up with current trends by exploring our range of the world’s best smartphones and bundle devices.

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Digital Marketing

Kick-start your business with elite digital marketing solutions from Etisalat.

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How to Build Your Perfect Plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes Business Edge unique?
A. Business Edge is a one-stop-shop for all your business requirements. A cloud-based solution that makes it easy for you to add and remove products from your overall package. It is a platform designed for any business, of any size.
Q. What are the prices for Business Edge offerings?
A. The monthly rental prices are available to view on the individual service pages. However, we have recommended our most popular bundles for you on this page, with the applicable monthly rental charges displayed.
Q. Where can I buy Business Edge?
A. You can buy Business Edge services and products from any of our Etisalat stores, as well as from your account manager. The available Business Edge services include our core service of Internet Bundles and add-ons of Video Surveillance, Antivirus, Online Marketing Services, Wi-Fi, Digital Signage, Microsoft Office 365 and a choice of Managed Devices.
Q. How can I buy a single service and not Business Edge?
A. Business Edge is a platform that offers you a complete business solution. However, you can subscribe for any of the individual Business Edge services and have these billed on your existing Etisalat core telecommunications subscription.
Q. I am already subscribed to an Internet service from Etisalat, do I need to subscribe to Business Edge now?
A. If you are already subscribed to an Internet service, you might be missing out on savings that can be made by migrating to Internet Bundles by Business Edge. Our Internet Bundles include many business critical services at an affordable price, all from a single source and on one bill. 
Q. Will I receive a bill for Business Edge?
A. No, you will receive a bill for the services subscribed. For reasons of customer convenience and ease of tracking, all your Business Edge services will be billed on one clear and concise bill.  The services are offered on a monthly subscription-based payment system. Pay as you go. Pay as you grow.
Q. How can I pay my bill?
A. You can pay through our easy-access Quick Pay function or our Business Online Portal. Click here for a full list of Payment methods.