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Your Registration Guide

You may now register yourself to our Business Online Portal by yourself.
To get registered to our digital channels and begin taking advantage of their benefits, you must upload your company documents listed below and sign up using your UAE Pass Account. This is a mandatory requirement for you to complete self-registration. Once you have logged in to your UAE Pass Account and uploaded the necessary documents, a request will be sent to the relevant department and you will be notified once your registration is complete.

Contact your Account Manager at Etisalat and submit
the following documents:
  • Trade License with original company stamp
  • Establishment Card with original company stamp
  • Your Emirates ID  with original company stamp
  • Owner's Emirates ID  with original company stamp
  • Approved Letter of Authorisation (LOA)

Download the LOA format

Note:  A Letter of Authorisation (LOA) is required if the owner's name is not listed on the Trade License. The LOA can be raised by an individual whose name is listed in the Trade License or on government-approved letters.

This letter should include the full name and signature of the appointed individual who has gained ownership of all the Etisalat products and services of the business.

Register using your UAE Pass Account and upload the following:

  • Valid Trade License with original company stamp
  • Valid Establishment Card with original company stamp


Step-by-step guide on setting up your UAE Pass Account
  • Download the UAE Pass App
  • Sign up using your Emirates ID
  • Get your account verified on the UAE Pass App
  • Tap on ‘Add Document’ & add your Emirates ID under Federal Authority For Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security

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Why do I need to submit updated documents to Etisalat?

As part of ongoing internal record maintenance and update of activities, Etisalat requires updated documents from all customers in order to serve them better by granting access to digital self-service channels and establishing contact with authorized people only in an organization if required.


What happens after the updated documents are submitted?

Upon submission, Etisalat will create an authorization profile for each customer, and that authorized person will then become the primary contact for any transactional activity with Etisalat.


Where can I contact Etisalat to get more information on this process?

Customers can get more information by sending an email at for any clarifications required.


Why did I get notified by an SMS or email to submit my latest documents to Etisalat?

We have noticed that your latest documents are not updated in our system, and there is no assigned authorized person profile for your company. As part of the ongoing collection of the latest documents of customers, we require these to be submitted.


Which documents would I need to submit to Etisalat if I am the owner of the company and authorized person too? Alternatively, which documents are required if I am not the owner?

If you are the owner of the company along with being the authorized person, Etisalat would still need your documents to be updated. While LOA might not be needed, your Trade License, Establishment Card and EID in original are still required to be presented at Etisalat counters for information update. For non-owners of the company who are designated to be the authorized person would need to carry all 4 original documents.


Do I need to take original documents and the copies with the company stamp?

Yes, you would need to carry stamped copies along with the original documents.


I have already submitted my latest documents to Etisalat recently but have gotten an SMS or email to submit them again.

In case you have already submitted your documents, we request you to kindly ignore these reminders.