Cloud Firewall

Quicker, Smarter, and More Reliable Than Ever Before

The Perfect Cyber Security Solution for Your Business.

At Etisalat, we understand that protecting your customers’ data, IT infrastructure and business assets are of paramount importance to the success of your business and its reputation.

Our comprehensive network solution will secure your network without the need for a physical firewall device. We supply a next-generation cloud-based firewall that defends your network against existing, emerging and camouflaged threats.

What makes our Cloud Firewall unique?

Available for Free with Business Edge

All Internet Bundle customers will receive an advanced Cloud-based Firewall solution for FREE!


An adaptable and flexible solution that can grow with your business.


A dedicated team will deploy, configure, manage, and support the solution - plus provide free training.

Add-On Available
Cost-effective and affordable Premium add-on to meet your specific requirements.
Icon_End_to_End_Solution Intrusion Prevention Feature

Intrusion Prevention Feature

Ensures that hackers are not installing malware on your devices.


Safeguarding Against Malware & Ransomware

Works hand in hand with your antivirus solution to provide you with complete protection.


Protection Against Infected Websites

A web-filtering feature that blocks access to malware or phishing websites.


Control of Internet Usage

Category-based URL filtering and application control to help you decide the type of websites that can be accessed.

Visibility of User Internet Usage

Advanced dashboard showing a breakdown of data usage.


Pie and bar charts on the Etisalat portal give additional information about the network traffic.
Cloud Firewall Premium Add-On

Take your Cloud Firewall to the next level with our Premium add-on. A completely managed service where Etisalat will carry out all requested changes on your behalf whilst you have access to all the features of this groundbreaking cyber security solution.


Cloud Firewall Premium

    • IPS/Intrusion Prevention
    • URL Filtering
    • App Control
    • QoS Bandwidth Control
    • Traffic Prioritization
AED / Month

5% VAT excluded

Premium On Call Configuration & Support

Technical Specifications

File Reputation/File Filtering
Blocking files or defined file extensions of dubious origin.

Alerts and Events
Notification of major technical events or improper software setup.
Bandwidth Control
Allocating different bandwidth to selected online traffic.
User-Based Policy
Customisable policies based on actual users (e.g. different for management, operational staff, etc).
Traffic Prioritisation
Giving priority to defined traffic (e.g. Office 365 over YouTube) to ensure a smooth user experience.
Encrypted Inspection
Inspection of encrypted traffic to have comprehensive insight.
AD Integration
Synchronisation with the customer's Active Directory for the purpose of setting up user-based 
Receiving the management logs of the cloud firewall.