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Electronic Medical Records (EMR) works as a centralized database of patient records. It facilitates patient-first medical management by streamlining a secure exchange of patient health information across Dubai's healthcare network. 

Now mandatory by the Ministry of Health, EMR ensures superior patient safety and provides real-time updates on patient health records. Functioning as the ultimate clinical support tool, it assists in accurate decision making while simultaneously heightening patient experience and satisfaction. It also significantly reduces unnecessary diagnostic procedures and repetitive paperwork. Scalable and adaptable, EMR enables live video consultations with patients, sending prescriptions directly to pharmacies, appointment scheduling, patient check-in, and much more. 

With EMR, your facility is equipped with connected care and enhanced clinical coordination.  

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1-5 User Licences

    • Up to 5 EMR Licenses
  • One-time activation fee 
    of AED 100/License 
    (was AED 1,250/License)

5% VAT excluded

Up to 20% Volume Discount

6-15 User Licences

    • Up to 15 EMR Licenses
  • One-time activation fee 
    of AED 100/License 
    (was AED 1,250/License)

was 300 AED 5% VAT excluded

Up to 20% Volume Discount

16-30 User Licences

    • Up to 30 EMR Licenses
  • One-time activation fee 
    of AED 100/License 
    (was AED 1,250/License)

was 270 AED 5% VAT excluded

Unlimited Licences

    • Unlimited EMR Licenses
  • One-time activation fee 
    of AED 3100/License 
    (was AED28,180)
/Unlimited Licenses

5% VAT excluded

12 Advantages to Using Cloud-Based EMR

User Guide Cloud Electronic Medical Record


Safe and Accessible Medical Records

EMR enables instant access to all the medical records of a patient, and ensures laboratory orders, medical imaging, test results, and other vital medical details are all safely secured in one user-friendly database.


Video Consultations

Now more than ever, EMR’s functionality to enable live video consultations between doctor and patient is absolutely vital. Patient’s no longer have to physically come to a clinic for consultation.


Affordable Pricing

EMR from Business Edge Healthcare is supremely affordable and cost-effective. Installation is completely free and the impressively low monthly subscription fees make it a truly budget-friendly option.


Direct Prescriptions

EMR enables Doctors to send prescriptions direct to pharmacies, and also allows health care facility employees to easily manage patient billing, invoices, and insurance claims where necessary.



Cloud-based technology ensures EMR is completely adaptable to the specific requirements of any healthcare facility. It is simple to add multiple clinics, departments, and an unlimited number of patients.


Patient App

ERM’s built-in “Telemedicine” feature seamlessly connects patients to the clinic. Patient’s can utilise the mobile app to book appointments and request consultations.

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