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Security & Analytics

Secure Your Business. Safeguard Your Success.

Explore Comprehensive Solutions That Conquer Cyber Threats

Reliable security and protection in the modern business world is more crucial than ever before. Digital progression has rendered the cyber threats and security challenges that businesses face more advanced and legitimate than at any time in history.

To counter these threats, Security & Analytics from Business Edge offers comprehensive solutions that can provide protection to your valuable business data, secure your business premises, and safeguard your business devices.

Our cost-effective solutions are about more than just visual and digital security though. They also deliver invaluable analytical data that can be utilised to drive increased productivity and fuel revenue.

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Thermal Cameras

Temperature screening you can trust with our extensive range of safe, fast, and smart thermographic screening products and applications.

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Video Surveillance

More than just CCTV, our all-in-one video security solution safeguards your business, whilst also providing business-boosting analytics.

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Protect your business with the very best digital security. High-level antivirus, intuitive firewalls, mobile security, and much more.

FREE installation for any CCTV package!

Subscribe to any Video Surveillance plan and get FREE installation worth up to AED 3200.