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Get blazing speeds up to 1 Gbps on a reliable fiber optic network

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An Internet Bundle That Comes With Everything That Your Business Needs

Discover the ultimate internet solution comprising of reliable, fiber-optic, high-speed Internet, together with various business essentials such as landline, virtual firewall, managed devices and so much more.

Our Internet bundles have mindfully been designed to cater to your business’s precise needs, therefore making it the ideal connection companion.

Empower your business with a network you can rely on.


Fiber-Optic Internet

Our plans deliver up to 1Gbps speed internet with a reliably stable connection to ensure your business remains uninterrupted.


Unified Comms

The choice sits with you to select the most apt integrated communication solution for every team member in your business.


Advanced Network Security

Ensure that your business data is always shielded with our cutting-edge virtual firewall and the latest antivirus software.


Managed Devices

Protect your business network with managed Wi-Fi with built-in analytics & control over usage. An option to select Digital Signage, too.


Domain & Web Hosting

We’ll secure your business by ensuring you an exclusive domain name, plus the ability to set up your business website.


Business Emails Administer

Regulate and manage multiple business email accounts with ample storage to suit your business’s communication needs.

FREE Speed Upgrade + eCommerce Website
Plan 1

150Mbps 200Mbps

    • 200 Mbps high-speed Internet
    • 1 Communicate Line
    • Cloud PABX
    • 20 business email accounts
    • 3 antivirus licenses
    • 1 Managed Device

5% VAT excluded

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FREE Speed Upgrade + eCommerce Website
Plan 2

200Mbps 400Mbps

    • 400 Mbps high-speed Internet
    • 1 Communicate Line
    • Cloud PABX
    • 30 business email accounts
    • 3 antivirus licenses
    • 2 Managed devices

5% VAT excluded

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FREE Speed Upgrade + eCommerce Website
Plan 3

300Mbps 550Mbps

    • 550 Mbps high-speed Internet
    • 1 Communicate Line
    • Cloud PABX
    • 30 business email accounts
    • 3 antivirus licenses
    • 2 Managed devices

5% VAT excluded

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FREE Speed Upgrade + eCommerce Website
Plan 4

400Mbps 750Mbps

    • 750 Mbps high-speed Internet
    • 1 Communicate Line
    • Cloud PABX
    • 40 business email accounts 
    • 10 antivirus licenses
    • 2 Managed devices

5% VAT excluded

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FREE Speed Upgrade + eCommerce Website
Plan 5

600Mbps 1000Mbps

    • 1,000 Mbps high-speed Internet
    • 1 Communicate Line
    • Cloud PABX
    • 180 business email accounts 
    • 30 antivirus licenses
    • 24 port POE smart switches

5% VAT excluded

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FREE WEBSITE BUILDER - Available with all our Internet Bundle Plans!

An easy solution to create a professional website by yourself for your business. This user-friendly website builder ensures businesses can sell their products & services with utmost ease.

Important to know

About Internet Bundles from Business Edge

Internet Bundles from Business Edge is a comprehensive solution offered to businesses providing internet, cloud firewall, multiple bundles Business Edge services like web storage, business emails, storage per email, antivirus licenses, switch, domain name, main number, bundled voice line, cloud PABX and an eStore Website Builder.

Contract duration: 12-Month Contract

Billing Frequency: Monthly

All prices shown are excluding of 5% VAT charge.

A one-time discount would apply in the first month’s bill of whichever selected plan in the following two scenarios:

  • Internet Bundle subscriptions with 2 or more add-on voice lines
  • Migrations to Internet Bundles from legacy bundles (example, BusinessSuper, Business Quick Start, Business in a Box).

A one-time fee of AED 200 would apply for installation and cabling.

Each voice line (except for extension line) comes with 100 flexi minutes & a standard phone. Bundled flexi minutes can be used for Fixed to Mobile National Calls or Fixed to International Calls to the following destinations

The extension line also comes with a standard phone, however, since this line allows voice calls within the company only, it does offer 100 flexi minutes. Each block of 5 voice lines (user voice/ communicate/ collaborate) will allow for subscription of one extension line.

Fixed to Fixed call charges: Free (AED 0.15/min post consumption of 7,500 minutes FUP) Fixed to Mobile call charges: AED 0.30/min

Click here to find out the rates of the international calls from your landline.

A domain name is renewed on an annual basis and the minimum period of hire is 1 year.

About Bundled Add-on Services & Devices:

All add-ons are annual contracts and are charged per month. Add-ons can only be purchased with an existing or new Internet Bundles subscription.

Service & Device Add-ons within Business Edge:

  • Managed Wi-Fi Access Points:
    • 12-month commitment at AED 150/month
    • 36-month commitment at AED 100/month
  • Managed Digital Signages – Integrated TV:
    • 12-month commitment at AED 150/month
    • 36-month commitment at AED 100/month
  • Professional Services for Cloud Firewall for AED 290/month:
    • Inclusive of managed services with 10 change requests/month, bandwidth control and prioritization, user-based policies, encrypted traffic inspection and report content
  • Additional Antivirus Licenses:
    • Premium antivirus license for PC and Mac at AED 4/month
    • Server antivirus license for Window and Linux at AED 4/month
  • eStore Website Builder:
    • A free website builder with 1000+ readymade templates, drag and drop editor, analytics, secure checkout, online payments, fully responsive website offered free for life to all Internet Bundles from Business Edge customers. This website is free until service continuity.
  • Extra Voice Lines:
    • Communicate Line (video, voice, instant messaging and presence): AED 110/month
    • User Voice Lines (voice only): AED 85/month
    • Collaborate 10 Line (10 participant audio bridge, video conferencing, and screen sharing): AED 135/month
    • Collaborate 30 Line (30 participant audio bridge, video conferencing, and screen sharing): AED 140/month
    • Extension line (voice within company only): AED 20/month
  • Device Add-ons:
    • Standard Phone: No charges
    • Cordless Phone: 12-month instalment at AED 13/month
    • Video Phone: 12-month instalment at AED 95/month
    • Conference Phone: 12-month commitment at AED 95/month

Total number of IP Phones selected should be the same as the number of voice lines required.

Internet Bundles from Business Edge Application Form

Downgrade Charges:

In the case of a plan downgrade, a 1 month of the rental fee of the selected plan + voice line + AED 200 X (number of remaining months – 1) of the minimum term of contract would apply. Please refer to the application form for a per plan breakdown.

Exit Charges:

In the case of contract breach through early termination, the following exit charges would apply; 1 month of base plan fee + recovery of devices for the remaining contract months.

Penalty Free Service:

Customer can exit the service contract within a maximum period of 5 days from activation without penalty charges (i.e. exit charges) if the service contract was mis-sold or the provided service did not comply with the service terms and conditions.

In cases of contract breach with early termination, exit fees will be applied. The exit fee shall be calculated as a monthly recurring charge multiplied by the number of remaining months of the contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  I am an existing Business Quick Start customer. Is there a contract and non-contract price applicable for the service?

A. Since Business Quick Start is one of our legacy internet bundles, all customers subscribing to it automatically begin with a 12-month annual contract. After completing the first year, customers who do not wish to renew their contracts are liable to be moved to a monthly billing model, which is AED 300 more than the contract price on each offering.

Q. I wasn't aware of the monthly contract charge on my Business Quick Start Bundle. Where can I get more details?

A. All details regarding contract and non-contract are listed comprehensively in the Application Form under service terms. Read more here

Q. How will I know when my contract expires?

A. To ensure you are updated, you will receive SMS reminders and email notifications on your registered mobile number and email ID. These will be sent thirty days before to ensure you are aware of your contract expiration.

Q. Can I continue with my Business Quick Start subscription on non-contract prices?

A. Yes, of course. If you do not wish to renew for the whole year, you can continue your Business Quick Start subscription at non-contract prices. However, please be informed that there may be a degradation in your Managed Device operation as the licenses of these devices expire once the contract ends.

Q. What makes Internet Bundles by Business Edge unique?

A. Internet Bundles by Business Edge gives you access to the most comprehensive digital platform for all your business needs. Business Edge is a cloud-based solution that makes it easy to add and remove products from your overall package. It is a platform designed for any business of any size.

Q. How can I subscribe to the services from Business Edge?

A. You can buy Business Edge services and products from any of our Etisalat stores, as well as from your account manager. The available Business Edge services include our core service of Internet Bundles and add-ons of Video Surveillance, Antivirus, Online Marketing Services, Wi-Fi, Digital Signage, Microsoft Office 365 and a choice of Managed Devices.

Q. How can I buy a single service and not Business Edge?

A. Business Edge is a platform that offers you a complete business solution. However, you can subscribe to any individual Business Edge services and have these billed on your existing Etisalat core telecommunications subscription.

Q. I am already subscribed to an Internet service from Etisalat, do I need to subscribe to Business Edge now?

A. If you are already subscribed to an Internet service, you might be missing out on savings that can be made by migrating to Internet Bundles by Business Edge. Our Internet Bundles include many business-critical services at an affordable price, all from a single source and on one bill.

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