Bridging Healthcare Across Abu Dhabi. Evolve With Malaffi!

Achieve patient-first routes with a cutting-edge unified healthcare system.

A centralised databank of patient records to achieve superior healthcare in Abu Dhabi.

Adopt transformative healthcare and medical management empowered by Malaffi. 

Pioneered by the Department Of Health (DOH), Malaffi is the first-ever data exchange program in the region and aids in facilitating the documentation of critical patient health information to healthcare providers in real-time. Thus securely connecting 98% of healthcare providers across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

As Malaffi's appointed strategic partner, we at Etisalat aim to thoroughly safeguard patient information during data exchange. DOH, Malaffi & Etisalat highly prioritise the privacy of patient data, thereby employing the ingenious SD-WAN technology for data exchange.


Malaffi Overview

Malaffi endeavours to develop advanced healthcare standards and enhance patient care. Driven by integrity, innovation, collaboration and dedication, Malaffi connects healthcare providers in Abu Dhabi to foster elevated healthcare, enriched medical management and enhanced patient satisfaction.

Benefits Of Connecting to Malaffi



Enables a clinical support tool by accessing unified patient records & encouraging accurate clinical decisions.


Patient Satisfaction

Endorses an effective delivery of care while raising patient safety by overcoming potential diagnostic & treatment errors. It furthermore increases efficiency by reducing unnecessary duplication of diagnostic procedures & paperwork.


Error Reduction

Lesser possibilities for medical & medication oversight due to simplified access to information and enhanced coordination.

For secure data exchange, an SD-WAN Connection is essential to inaugurate EMR services.